Railway systems in Luzon and in Mindanao will be the “first big project” being considered by the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a press briefing in Davao City on Saturday evening, Duterte told journalists that the details of the railway project have not yet been drawn up.

President Rodrigo Duterte

According to President Duterte, since the country lacks national budget in the construction of the railway system project, it should need the involvement of other nations.

The journalist asked President Duterte when proceeded on the railway project, what particular nation he had in mind to do the construction? He said, “Maybe China”.

If all the railway train system completed, it will connect Manila-Nueva Vizcaya in Central Luzon, Manila-Sorsogon, Manila-Batangas and for the whole of Mindanao, President Duterte said. – Carl E.



  1. China immediately?

    He is not a strategic thinker, unlike the Australians, unlike the Chinese, unlike the Japanese, unlike the Americans, unlike the Vietnamese.

    Besides there are still the Filipino private sector where the government can negotiate for a win-win agreement and he can accelerate the development of the economy. If the local private companies can’t do it alone they can partner with other international companies. Marami pa namang ibang bansa maliban sa kalaban ang maaring bigyan ng kita.

  2. Duterte is really obsessed with China. Why ask them (the land grabber China) for help? This is not a good signal especially to international tribunal where they are about to render judgment to the case we have filed against CHINA. Come on..There is already a PPP ongoing projects and even this railway system is in the pipeline- You Pres Duterte can expedite on this one don’t ask someone as if you’re already losing hope and trust to our esteem big time construction players. Furthermore and beside, our local construction INDUSTRY will be at THE LOSING END since they don’t the opportunity to participate the bidding and be the frontrunner in this huge project.

  3. maybe he should also make Mandarin the National Language of the Philippines, instead of Tagalog? he’s gonna sell us off to the greedy communists. Democracy will only exist on paper & our country will just be another Tibet, eventually. inevitably.

  4. Mayor Duterte Can Use PPP program to build all the project he want to implement and this will pay off in due time and no need of China and Local company can manage to do this just include the scientist only from our DOST and we can do it by our self and it going to become cheap because of locally available material and we can give a job to our country man instead of giving work to people of China. Filipinos are more intelligent but Mayor Duterte must give a chance to our people to excel their skill and to be locally available all the spare parts need in the project.

    • PPP programs aren’t only limited to domestic. And considering credit rating of the Philippines, China isn’t really the worst choice. Further, having partnership with China doesn’t exactly mean that the system will be constructed by them though it is likely to happen. DOST could have been the best choice after precise test operations if Duterte was planning on another Light Rail Transit for metropolitan area but using UP DOST for national railway system is extremely inefficient.

      • You have to look into ingenuity of Filipino that being used their skill around the world with quality and expertness but not being utilized by Philippine government that is why other country are benefiting for that skill. Philippine government need only Consultant in constructing the project and commissioning of it and to open the skill of Filipino scientist that still need to tap it same with Diwata-1 Satellite with DOST Scientist/Engineer collaborated with Japanese counterpart and they made it successful and railway is not different if the government have the will to use Filipino talent that other countries in the whole world was benefited only to that talent and think twice before you said it will be extremely inefficient using UP DOST for National Railway of Philippines.

        • As far as I know DOST is currently focusing on developing AGT. And AGT is electric powered concrete mono-railing automatic rail system which is obviously inefficient for national railway. I’m not saying that Philippines is lacking in technology. Besides, railing isn’t quite a technology. Diesel locomotive and regular rails can be built by any country in this world (or even individuals). The only problem is budget. Large scale public project like railing requires great amount of fund. And PPP can’t be only solution for this. Specially when it’s obvious that the project will be opposed by quite number of individuals and corporation such as local jeepney drivers, bus liners and cargo,freight services. As a matter of fact, the only reliable investor for this project is another country.

        • building a railway–or any infra for that matter–isn’t only about an engineer’s skills. You need supply chain efficiency, full-scale manufacturing facilities to source the parts, volume-price business equilibrium to access best-value capitalization… the Filipino engineer will just be one part of the industrial-scale prerequisites that railway construction entails. Sadly, the country lacks a manufacturing base (we don’t even have a steel industry) that it needs to outsource the development to foreign companies. Asking the Phil. government to run the construction is a disaster waiting to happen.

  5. we everybody knows that CHINA is also corrupt Goverment so if CHINA will do this Project what will Happen to WPS dispute over China . POOR PHILIPPINES again Filipino People and the 200 nautical miles is already for sale.

  6. well he still said maybe therefore a possibility he will endorse S.Korea like he did in the LRT in Davao

  7. Don’t take Duterte’s word seriously…he said maybe china..but it will change in a matter of days , months…or year…it depends if again the defense of taken out of context will be used as alibi

    • What’s wrong with that? South Korea is aggressively pursuing to help Duterte realize his dream. Korea is one of the most advanced country in the world whose products have far exceeded the quality of China. Between the two, I would choose South Korea for the quality.

  8. Nabasa ko rin dito sa Fb kampo ni Bongbong bullet train din from Ilocos to Clark so pwede ng pagdikitin ito… Sana ituloy ni Digong naudlot na project ni GMA China rin gagawa gawa na yata plan nyon..

  9. Another target by Islamic fanatics. Wala ng katapusan ang pag-pugot ng ulo dahil sa maling akala. “Allah” is the same word used by Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs in their Bible, centuries before Islam came to the Philippines.

  10. Sino/Han/French and Nipponese eager to negotiate deals prior whom. Exclusive rights to logistics Philippines Japan? Korea,Germany and China deal with seek airports and marine facilities with deal. Expensive refuse high speed nations bidding joint over cost reject the plan as Vietnam inadequate lack. Passengers cost inflation which not recommend,build new airports.

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