The China’s People’s Liberation Army has been ordered to “prepare for combat” by Chinese President Xi Jinping to protect and defend its territory against any possible hostile moves from Asian countries, specifically actions from the United States at all cost in the South China Sea

This comes ahead of an international tribunal on Tuesday that’s expected to issue an unfavorable ruling against China’s claims over the South China Sea. A report said from

U.S.-based Boxun News said Tuesday that the instruction was given in case the United States takes provocative action in the waters once the ruling is made.

The Chinese Luyang II-class guided missile destroyer Jinan and other ships in formation at the South China Sea –

The UN Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruled in favor of the Philippines in the case filed on 2012 by the Philippine government versus China, dismissing China’s nine-dash line historical claims.

The PCA said, “There was no legal basis for China to claim historic rights to resources within the sea areas falling within the ‘nine-dash line’,” the court said, referring to a demarcation line on a 1947 map of the sea, which is rich in energy, mineral and fishing resources.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

China responded by labeling the ruling “ill-founded” and refused to be bound by it.

Chinese foreign spokesperson said  China “does not accept and does not recognize” the ruling by a UN-backed tribunal on its dispute with the Philippines over the South China Sea, the official Xinhua news agency said Tuesday.

However, Xi Jinping fears that the U.S. could be used on the ruling to justify aggressive military maneuvers in the area and has ordered PLA forces to prepare for war.

Prior to the PCA ruling the United States USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier fleet were already stationed in the South China sea, while the Chinese Navy also carrying out exercises near the disputed Paracel islands. – Jason E.



  1. The US is not expected to make any move unless China restricts freedom of navigation. It is incumbent for the Philippines to make the necessary moves either to dialogue with China or to enforce the ruling by any means. It is implied by responsible nations their support to the PCA ruling and it is understood by China that whatever moves the Philippines will take will be fully supported. This is a very strong bargaining chip that the Philippines will bring to the table if ever it decides to conduct a bilateral negotiation with China. On the other hand, China needs a graceful exit from this hole it dug for itself by its hasty bullying tactics. Let us provide her with one, and we all come out of this Happy.

    • This is good reasoning. I think the South China Sea mineral rights should be shared somehow, and that Chinese companies can help with the building of bridges and roads, etc. in the Philippines, as some sort of trade off for minerals. Otherwise, 80% of the proceeds go to Philippine gangster thieves masquerading as politicians. Given the choice, I would prefer the Chinese got the oil and gas proceeds, that’s how bad it is with Philippine politicians and the theft of the natural resources which should benefit the people, not the kleptocrat thieves who are in power in the Philippines.

      • You know your surrounding n you don’t live in delusion. There is hope for prosperity for Asia with more people like you.

        • China’s defiance of the Hague ruling is a manifestation of its arrogance; its greediness which by the way is embedded in your veins. For thousands and thousands of years of your existence, the warring is undeviating from dynasty to dynasty. For thousands of years of your existence, China has never been a super power country. US is just 300 something years old and it became the super power nation on Earth; and it can turn your country into a graveyard just like Hiroshima in WW2, if the US would want to. No wonder your country China is spending billions of dollars on artillery and military advancement in preparation for the invasion of the West Philippine Sea. You know for a fact that US will defend Philippines because the two countries had been allied post WW2.

      • The corruption is just bad, that is why the Philippines is labeled as the sick man of Asia, but China is not the solution to this mess. To suggest that bully China should have the control over the natural reserves in the West Philippine Sea is appalling. Your post is a manifestation of sheer ignorance of Chinese history.

        • All I know is that the Governor of Palawan can steal nearly 100% of the money from the offshore oil and gas, and then put a hit out on a Philippine patriot who questioned the thievery, and the Philippines treats the killers like celebrities, even giving bail to one of the Reyes brothers on a murder charge, for heaven’s sake. I am no fan of the Chinese, quite the contrary. I believe what they are doing is criminal. But again, I would rather they took the gas/oil money than to have Philippine politicians divide it among themselves as pork. It’s up to the Philippines to get its house in order, and quickly. Did you know that Forbes magazine ran a long story on the crime syndicates of Asia, and listed the Philippine Congress as the #1 Crime syndicate in the Philippines? I rest my case.

    • You don’t even know anything of what is going on. Do you think the tribunal is credible? Do you know who appoint the tribunal members?

      Has China restricted navigation in the SCS? China use the SCS more than others. China is worried that you n your idiotic kind will allow the US, the country which killed tens of thousands of your ancestors n made halfbreeds of you, to set up base n restrict navigation in the SCS to China.

    • This is obviously the most loigical thing to do. Give China a chance for a graceful exit. Maybe China now realizes she has done a great blunder and that it was aware too that the Philippines would be supported by other countries affected by China’s claim for such a wide swatch of the sea which no doubts would rewrite the established protocol of international trade and inter border security. Remember the stand off between Russia and the US in the Cuban crisis in the early 1960’s? Both the Russians and the Americans did not want a shooting war that could ultimately turned into a full nuclear exchange. But behind the world’s eyes both nuclear powers made a face saving compromise to stop the madness and walked away with national dignity intact. The whole world knew China is out of line but it can’t get off the scene with bruised dignity forever a reminder of its blunder. We should for the sake of regional political stability and world peace provide China a chance to walk home still proud of being China!

  2. china man o pilipinas hindi kaya mag deklara ng gyera.. masisira ang ekonomiya..

    hindi kailangan ng pilipinas ng gyera dahil nanalo ito.. ang china ang may kailangan ng gyera pero siguradong hindi nila kaya..

    kung maayos sana ang china na umastang kuya ng mga bansang asyano mas maunlad ang asia sa lahat.. mali ang taktika ng china na pang-bully sa pilipinas..

    sana kung may mas magandang offer kayo sa pilipinas.. dahil sa totoo tayo ang mga magkakapitbahay.. pwede na sana natin mawala sa usapan ang pakikiilam ng U.S. palagi..

    ang china ang parang isang walang kwentang kapatid.

    sana may mas magandang offer kayo sa pilipinas para sa kaunlaran ng ASYA.

  3. Sue China for $1, for each fake island they occupy inside our EEZ, in International Court. Each $1 doubling everyday until they surrender those fake islands to the Philippines and until they leave our EEZ. They should also pay for all court costs, all damages to the ecosystem, environment, sea, corals, fish etc. Talks, negotiations should be done after they leave and pay. Put a lean on China. We don’t need to force them out, no war, etc. That $1 will just keep on doubling until we own China. The Philippine Navy/Coast Guard should enforce our rights to our “Exclusive” Economic Zone. WE catch them fishing in our EEZ, we arrest them, and assess penalties, maybe confiscate their boats/ships..

    • Force China out. How? US, your colonial master which killed tens of thousands of your ancestors n which made halfbreed of you or Japan which killed a few million of your ancestors will help you chase put China?

      China is your friend. We have common enemies in Japan n the international trouble maker, the US

      • though history is important, stop complicating by looking backwards by reminding the dark history. most drug related big catches nowadays that kills our youth’s future always have traces of connections with chinese syndicates. this is a psyche war, bring it on.

      • China is not our friend. Have you ever wonder why millions of Chinese came to the Philippines and settled there and became rich; but not heard of millions of Filipinos migrating to your China? Have you ever wondered why US is the most preferred country for people to migrate? Have you ever wonder why more Filipinos prefer Japan over China?

      • While wanting to have the resources shared fairly, kindly note that China is claiming rights to places over 500 miles from China, and greedily claiming rights well within the 200 mile economic zone that the entire world recognizes as legal. The Spratleys should be negotiated and shared perhaps, but claiming as China areas well within Philippines economic zone of 200 miles is crazy. Just look at the 9 dash line, it actually goes to within a few miles of Palawan. That is insane, and makes China look greedy beyond words. China should calm down and not make this into some foolish act of national pride, where compromise of any sort is now treason to the Chinese, who have been wiped into a frenzy by the Chinese press. Image, if you will, the Philippines claiming rights to waters within 10 miles of Mainland China. You would think they had lost their minds. And try to stop calling people of mixed heritage “half-breeds” if you want to advance your position in this debate. I hope China can come to its senses, and trade construction projects for resources, in order to avoid having Philippine politician gangsters getting the proceeds. In closing, I wish both China and the Philippines the best.

  4. Genghis Khan of Mongols united all scattered tribes of Asia to defeat their opponents. Anyway, it isn’t all about the Philippines but also any smaller nations that are being bullied by China. For me, there’s more to China claiming the Scarborough Shoal and Spratly island than meets the eye. The QUESTION: MILLIONS had died from drugs with drug-related rape and murder. Where is this Dirty Drug came from? Either somewhere in China or in Scarborough Shoal and Spratly island ?!

    • Japan killed millions of your ancestors during the world wars. The US killed tens of 000s in the fight to colonize your country n make half breed of your people.

      Most Pinoys have forgotten history. They duck up to the US n see Japan as allies. They know not between real friends n foes.

      • To you once an enemy is always an enemy. You do not know how to treat people as an individual but rather you would generalizing people on the based of few or one person’s action. The sins of the father is not the sins of the sons and neither the sins of the sons are not sins of the fathers. You don’t know History. The US bought the Philippines from the Spain in 1800’s officially speaking. The majority of Filipinos wanted to be independent and so it was granted but as far as Legal matter is concerned we follow the US style.

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