A memorandum of agreement between the Philippine government and the country’s major telecommunications providers, Globe Telecom and Smart Communications, formally signed for the new nationwide 911 emergency hotline which will replace the currently uses 117 or the Patrol 117, under the Duterte’s administration initiative.

This 911 hotline will soon be the national emergency telephone number for incidents like police assistance, fires, medical, calamities, and other emergencies.

Officials from the two telco’s giant were represented by

President Ernest Cu, of Globe Telecom

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Chairman & CEO of PLDT-Smart, Manuel V. Pangilinan

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Aside from Globe and Smart, other signatories to the agreement are the country’s major telecommunications providers that include the company’s units Bayan Telecommunications and Innove.

Expected to be launched for its full implementation starting August 1, 2016

In Davao City, President Duterte implemented the 911 hotline at the time when he was still the city’s Mayor and now he wants the same system for the whole country. – Carl E. 



  1. Mabuhay! Continue the good reforms Pres DU30. Hopefully, PNP and Health Professional should be able to accomodate everyone who needs help.

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