Filipinos traveling to the provinces and relying only on an airplane and a passenger ship are a thing of the past. Because another alternative means of modern transportation is the planned construction of a high-speed train “bullet train” that can be used once it has been placed on the entire Philippine archipelago.

Photo credit to US-HSR

philippine_metro_mapA budget of 9.1 trillion euros is being allocated by the European leaders to become a bullet train line system a reality for the Filipino people, that will connect the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

The entire construction of the railway line system including the bullet train will be financed by the European Financial Intermediary, this is according to Retired Colonel Rodrigo Bonifacio, a think tank for the Duterte administration.



High-speed rail (HSR) delivers fast, efficient transportation so riders can save time, energy, and money. HSR is extremely reliable and operates in all weather conditions. HSR is not subject to congestion, so it operates on schedule every day without delay – especially during rush hour and peak travel times.


HSR spurs the revitalization of cities by encouraging high density, mixed-use real estate development around the stations. HSR also fosters economic development in second-tier cities along train routes. HSR links cities together into integrated regions that can then function as a single stronger economy. HSR broadens labor markets and offers workers a wider network of employers to choose from. HSR encourages and enables the development of technology clusters with fast easy access between locations. HSR also expands visitor markets and tourism while increasing visitor spending.

The many benefits HSR delivers spread throughout regions that have HSR, encouraging economic development across a large area.

According to Bloomberg “Money spent that get People out of cars will ease traffic, save money, reduce pollution, slow global warming, and make us less vulnerable to volatile oil oligarchs.” – JCE.



  1. Total fantasy story. 9.1 trillion Euro… lol, nobody has that kind of money. Not even 9.1 trillion Peso. And why would we invest that much in the Philippines when we don’t even have bullet trains in parts of Europe?

  2. Maybe you meant billion not trillion? Even the US does not have that kind of budget. Who is checking your stories here? Do you know how big 9 trillion is? You guys here must be out of your mind!

  3. 9.1 Trillion Euro for a nationwide train network in the Philippines. This is FALSE NEWS. Germany is carrying the brunt of the European economy with Brexit, having to finance the financial bail out of Greece, with France, Spain, Italy and Balkans in financial troubles. There are rumors of dissolving the Euro so individual countries don’t have to rely on Germany in economic crisis. As such, Austria (Oustria), Czech Republic (Czexit), are now thinking of leaving the Euro monetary system. Russia is re-asserting itself politically and militarily, now viewed by the EU as a threat to its’ economy and sovereignty,(Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, the Baltic States) feared terrorist attacks on the European continent, the migratory problem in the Balkans to Western Europe, Turkey now under martial law after the coup, the EEC and NATO has more important things to do rather than fund a train network here.

    • Well-said Mr Pilipino Tax Payer. The source of the news is irresponsible. This proposal has no feasibility study yet, so how come the source of the news has already identified the source of financing? He created high expectations from Filipinos without thinking about the conditions in Europe that would warrant such huge amount of money to be spent in the Philippines. If that’s the kind of think tank that the Duterte administration has, will someone please help me describe it.

      • Thank you. The amount is the entire GDP of Germany, France, Italy, and UK combined. The one who spread this is obviously a propagandist of President Duterte. This is so mindless and irresponsible, much so the people who actually responded and affirmed that this will happen. Rodrigo Bonifacio has to have his head examined.

        • I swear this Manila live wire is a clickbait website. They don’t publish real news. What they do is recycle different articles and put them together, create their own spin and call it a news. I’m surprised a lot of people are subscribing to this kind of irresponsible media.

    • You are correct there, assuming even that a high speed rail system would be build from the north to the south that would be about 2000 kilometer an that still would only cost approximately 100 Billion USD, as a comparison the high speed rail in Taiwan is 345 kilometers long and cost 18 billion USD. Secondly a regular train system that is considered for the whole of Mindanao is budgeted at 2 billion USD for 2000 kilometers. The lay out as shown is just someone’s imagination and most likely technically not feasible. I’ll admit that it could technically be done from Northern Luzon, through Albay, Samar, Leyte and then to Davao but the other lines are wishful thinking

  4. Obvious this is False News, this more than 25times the Philippines economy. The fate of this will far more expensive than airplane by 30times.

  5. It is the Rothschild Group of Companies that offered it, not a political leaders in Europe. Rothschild family has $500T net worth so 9.1T is just a small slice of a pie. If pursued, it’s good if not then tiis2x nalang din, sanay naman tayo jan.

  6. And how long would it take for them investors the get their money thru their investments? Why would they want to do this in the Philippines with that big of a money..?

  7. Do you have any idea how much that money is? €9.1 Trillion is double the size of the whole German ang French economies combined! Anong kabobohan to? Hahaha

  8. This would also bring this diverse country together ECONOMICALLY – – much like the train system did for the USA in the late 19th and early 20th century…. it is a fantastic idea who’s time has come for the Philippines! I hope they can do it! Aloha

  9. para lang po may context ang 9.1 trillion euro… ang pinaka mahal po na single project in the world ay ang us interstate system halaga po nito 459 billion usd wala pa sa kalahati ng 1 billion nakita nyo na po ba gano kalaki ang us? ang cost ng lahat ng interstate nila 459 billion usd lang. tapos bibigyan tayo ng 9.1 trillion para sa train.

    Isa pa po for comparisson walang company na worth 1 trillion dollars as of today hindi google hindi apple hindi facebook hindi microsoft…. isipin nyo yung value ng apple +google + microsoft est 1.2 trillion lang… ang layo pa sa 9.1 trillion euros na pinag uusapan natin dito

  10. This is a big joke. Don’t fall for it. The EU is in financial trouble. And you think they can spare nine trillion euros for Duterte?

  11. i remembered an interview, somebody asked how much do you think is it worth out there, pointing to all that buildings in dubai. then the answer was 300 billion dollars


  13. PUTANG INANG kALOKOHAN!!!!….MAG-IINVEST ANG EUROPE SA PILIPINAS NG 9.1 TRILLION EUROS?! KASING LAKI YUN NG ECONOMIYA NG JAPAN, FRANCE, ISRAEL, CANADA, KOREA, SAUDI ARABIA AT MALAYSIA!!! NAHIHIBANG NABA KAYO? at nabalita to sa isang NEWS PRogram, dapat wg nang pagkatiwalaan yang RODRIGO BONIFACIO nayan, SInungaling , Paasa..Disgrace sa PAngalan ni duterte….Totally outlandish , outrageous And Stupid.

  14. tapos na ang paghihintay ninyong lahat.. i have photos of the first batch of coaches coming from europe.. wanna see? hahaha

    iyak mga anti-duterte!

  15. the government will not pay the project
    but sponsor by the Royal clan maharlika

    https://www. facebook. com/alphaomegaworld/photos/a.

  16. puro kayo criticize kaya hindi umuunlad ang pilipinas eh puro reklamo kayo di niyo nalang suporta si duterte,problemahin niyo muna yun sarili niyo ahh wag puro reklamo,naiinis talaga ako sa mga Pinoy na ganyan mga tamad at batugan kaya hindi umuunlad yung pilipinas dahil sa mga tao sa Pilipinas

  17. 9 trillion pesos perhaps but that’s also too much. 9 trillion euros LOL, that’s journalism? That’s more than the entire GDP of EU countries combined!

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