The reclamation projects of China in the disputed South China Sea, allegedly using Philippine soil from the mountain of Zambales prompted the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to immediately launch an investigation to unmask personalities behind this traitorous act against the Philippines.


DENR Secretary Gina Lopez warns the Chinese mining companies in the Philippines to leave the country! ”Heads should roll” if there is truth to the claim of newly elected Zambales Governor Amor Deloso that Philippine soil was used in building artificial islands in the South China Sea is true.

”That’s horrible. I will find out whoever gave the permit. China can never be allowed to use our soil as their landfill. We’re gonna look into this and make sure it never ever happens,” Lopez told reporters.

”If there are DENR officials, they will be made accountable…Heads should roll. If the truckloads came from us, we should be aware. If they were getting truckloads of our soil, there were probably some trail.”

According to Zambales Governor Amor Deloso, he clarified that the Chinese mining companies are operating in the mountains of the province extracting soil and boulders which are then used to build the artificial islands of China in Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea and allegedly it was the former governor Hermogenes Ebdane is the one to blame in the illegal mining activity in Zambales, allowing the selling of Philippines soil to the Chinese.

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DENR Undersecretary Arturo Valdez said, “We created a team to look into the matter and there are now efforts to track the movement of the minerals and sand taken out of Zambales and supposedly brought to the reclamation areas.”

”We’ve asked regional directors to give us a feedback. This is really alarming although there were initial reports before about that,” Valdez said.

”They’ve not allowed us to go fishing and on top of that they are getting our soil? Something has to be done about it.” – JCE.



  1. Dapat bitayin as traitor to our country. We still claim the west part of China sea even the soil they used belongs to Philippines.

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