New York – A protest signage displayed by the members of Voices of Communities of Activists and Leaders (VOCAL) in New York. These American activists are criticizing the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for extrajudicial killings Wednesday, August 24.

This group calls for a stop to what the government is doing against illegal drugs and calling the President as a mass murderer.  The rally was help outside the Philippine embassy in New York.



  1. How much did they pay you to do that? I just couldn’t imagine how could you stage a rally in NYC when you are not here in our country to see what is really happening here. If we don’t support our president sooner or later our country will be NARCOuntry. At present from congressman, Governor down to city and provincial councilors of the country are linked to drugs, and who knows maybe even senators and/or the previous president.

    • LOW LIFE homeless PAID group rallying from Craigslist brought to you by Yellowtards (LP). Shame on you Leni. They dont know anything about what they’re fighting for of course. tsk

  2. i believe these people are paid for doing this. Our street is safe now. I can sleep at night even I am alone. I don’t feel this way before, i can’t have a good night sleep, i am cautious always checking. But now because of President Duterte we are safe and living comfortably.
    Thank you President Duterte

    oh, by the way….. is this related to robledo’s visit in the US?

  3. These small group of idiot people are interfering with the affair of another country. Mind you idiot people that during duterte campaining, he promised by his steal hands (kamay bakal) in 6 months to finish drug menaces, crimes, corruptions, stop filipino queeing, help ofws, as in supposedly like that of Davao City, used to cheer by all the people in the roads in thunder, and shouting victory duterte across the country. Duterte, is a sovereign president of a sovereign country. He does not need to be dictated, period. He is a Lawyer, a former prosecutor, and that he knows the weakness of past government.

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