Congressman Joey Salceda –

Albay Congressman Joey Salceda of the Philippines House of Representatives has filed on Monday a resolution banning US presidential bet Donald Trump in the Philippines.

Donald Trump said, during a rally in Portland, Maine that immigrants from “terrorist  countries” should not be permitted passage into the United States since they would not be confirmed by the government beforehand.

Trump said “We are letting people come in from terrorist countries that shouldn’t be allowed because you can’t vet them. You have no idea who they are. This could be the great Trojan horse of all time.”

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This is a practice that has to stop,” he added, fanning the fire of Islamophobia one word at a time by saying that the refugees coming into the United States might be part of the Islamic extremist groups.Trump then said that immigrants from primarily Muslim countries are “arrested for conducting or threatening to carry out violent attacks, teaching bomb-making to recruits, and otherwise supporting terror groups.”

Trump deemed that We’re dealing with animals as he then named these countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Uzbekistan, Yemen, and the Philippines.

In the house resolution filed by Salceda, it said that “there is no feasible basis or reasonable justification to the wholesale labeling of Filipinos as coming from a “terrorist state” or that they will be a Trojan horse.”

Though Filipino immigrants constitute one of the largest foreign-born groups in the United States, Trump ignored it, included the Philippines as a terrorist nation. – JCE.