The Philippines’ charge d’affaires in Washington has been summoned by the U.S. State Department to clarify what it called “improper remarks” that President Rodrigo Duterte’s made against US Ambassador Philip Goldberg.

U.S. State Department Executive Elizabeth Trudeau –

The State Department press office executive Elizabeth Trudeau said on Monday that she summoned Filipino charge d’affaires Patrick Chuasoto.

Trudeau said in a news briefing, “the first, specifically on the remarks, we’ve seen those unseemly remarks made about Ambassador Goldberg. He’s a multi-time ambassador, one of our most senior U.S. diplomats.”

“We have requested that the Philippines charge come into the State Department to clear up those comments,” She added.

The Filipino diplomat is being asked about the details, Trudeau said “I’m not going to read out that detailed conversation, but it was specifically on those remarks.


In the President Duterte speech late Friday night at Camp Lapu-Lapu in Cebu City, Duterte called Goldberg “bakla” or “gay” for comments the envoy made during the campaign.

Duterte while enlightening the soldiers about Kerry’s recent visit to the country. “Okay naman kami niya [US Secretary of State John Kerry]. Nag-away kami ng Ambassador niyang bakla. P— i—. Buwisit ako diyan. Nakikisali doon sa eleksyon, giving statement here and there. He was not supposed to do that.”

Duterte over the previous weeks has met US Secretary of State John Kerry and Goldberg.

Duterte-Us-Ambassador Goldberg

A controversy drags Duterte over remarks about the rape of an Australian missionary in 1989, while he is campaigning for his presidency and ended with sad remarks from an Australian Ambassador Amanda Gorely posted in the twitter that rape and murder should never be trivialized.

Goldberg approved Gorely’s feelings, in which Duterte got irritated with the U.S. Ambassador. – JCE.



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