The Mindanao Railway System, which is the Duterte administration’s first priority infrastructure project will most likely to start its construction next year.

Secretary Ernesto M. Pernia –

Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto M. Pernia, in a media briefing, said that “It’s going to start soon—perhaps next year.”

According to Pernia they had discussed already the cost, the details, and the timetable.

As he was asking by the reporters, for how long it will take the project to be fully operational? He said, “it may actually be completed after Duterte’s term, and to be divided and executed in two phases”

Pernia said, “it is long overdue. but when it’s completed, it will go around the entire island of Mindanao. It’s about 2,000 kilometers.”

Mindanao Railway System Project –

“In terms of funding,”the money is not really a major consideration because there are so many investors interested. Both local businessmen and foreign investors, as well as the Official Development Assistance (ODA), Pernia added.

Pernia noted the project has pulled in the enthusiasm from both local and international investors like China and Japan have signified keen interest in the project.

The railway system is expected to connect major cities such as Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, Zamboanga, Butuan, Surigao, Davao, and General Santos, as it is highly needed to boost the economic development in the region. – JCE.



  1. Lets talk about quality and durability of the project in long term. I see only Japan can make it happen to the Pilipino people of Mindanao or either South Korea, EU country as well. They are helping us not like China bullying Pilipino people.

  2. Why would Phils award the railway contract to China; does not make any sense. They have stolen territories from Phils and have bullied the Filipino people. Besides, China makes inferior products. Award such project to one of our Allies.

  3. Has anyone read why Singapore are returning the brand new trains back to China? They found cracks in the chassis after a few usage. They are returning most of what they bought and changing to Japanese trains instead. Haven’t we learned enough from Chinese junk?

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