United States Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) is currently initiating a patrol mission in the Philippine Sea, the US Navy said September 7.

ICYMI: USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) is back out to sea! Here she is patrolling the Philippine Sea! #7thFleet

Posted by U.S. 7th Fleet on Tuesday, September 6, 2016


America is here to stay in Asia

obama_31Just right after President Obama cancelled the meeting with President Duterte, Tuesday, Obama said in a speech, “America’s interest in the Asia-Pacific is not new. It’s not a passing fad. It reflects fundamental national interests.”

“As president, a key priority of my foreign policy has been to deepen our engagement with the nations and peoples of the Asia-Pacific,” he told delegates, adding that he remained “confident” the new engagement would last.

“We are here to stay. In good times and bad, you can count on the United States of America,” Obama said.

He also addressed concerns in China.

“The United States and China are engaged across more areas than ever before.”

He added that we “welcomes the rise of a China that is peaceful, stable and prosperous and a responsible player in global affairs because we believe that will benefit all of us”.

But he also reiterated his steadfast support for access to disputed waters in the region which China claims as its own.

“Across the region, including in the East and South China Seas, the United States will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows and support the right of all countries to do the same.”