An asteroid labeled as 2016 RB1, with an estimated span of 32 feet, safely made its very close flyby between Earth and the moon. It came closest to Earth’s surface about 24,800 miles (40,000 km) or almost one tenth of the distance between Earth and the moon. Because of its small size, it did not posed a threat to our planet and it was only visible from southern hemisphere.


But a second asteroid with size of up to a mile long, one that may cause massive devastation, is expected to pass our planet on September 17. But luckily, same as 2016 RB1, this bigger asteroid will flyby much farther from Earth at 7.3 million miles away. It will be passing us with speed of up to 31,000 miles per hour.

And because of these events, NASA is said to be focusing more with space monitoring to be able to predict more space phenomenon.