On Tuesday, in Mawab Compostela Valley, President Duterte clarified in his speech that he did not ordered the American Forces in Mindanao to get out of the Philippines. And acknowledged that the Philippines will need its allies to defend against naval breach in West Philippines Sea.

President Rodrigo Duterte while addressing the US troops.

“I said there will be some time in the future that I will ask the US special forces to get out, almost 117 of them, better that you get out so that I can talk peace… and so I can show that you are not there”, President Duterte said.

“I never said get out of the Philippines. For after all, we need them in China Sea”, the President added.

Last September 12, President Duterte had said that he asked the American soldiers to get out of Mindanao to prevent them from being kidnapped. This is due to the ongoing battle against the Abu Sayyaf Group.

US troops stationed in Mindanao.

President Duterte announced in a meeting in Bulacan, few days later, that he wanted the US soldiers to leave Mindanao so that the peace talks with the Moro rebels may be accomplished.

He also emphasized that he was not really against the Americans, its just that the Moro rebels have the idea that the Americans are manipulating the peace talks.

“Thats why I said (leave) Mindanao, I never said go out”, President Duterte said making clear of his point.



  1. Its a play of words. He should clarify what he is saying before the public since there are a lot of interpretation going out there and he alone who knows what he really mean.. Not all Filipino people understood what he was saying, he is saying and what will say. For clarification purposes he should remind his cabinet members to stop speaking on behalf of him and give their own interpretation of what he is saying aside from Martin Andanar the PCCO.

  2. Yeah you did. You are just playing with words. You think everyone is the PH are dumb and dispensable. Just like you plan of killing the 3 million.

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