An independent group in the United States hired a native tagalog speaker to dissect an accurate transcript of President Duterte’s Q&A with Reuters correspondent Jerome Morales and explained what Duterte said point by point.

Nizza Gueco a writer from ‘Liberal America’ was concerned more about the implications of soured US-Philippine relations. As she admittedly not a Duterte fan.

Gueco wrote in a column on the “Liberal America” website, “Lo and behold, my suspicions were true, the line that was cut from the video, wherein the President said “putang-ina” was not even directed to President Obama, it was directed to the reporter who, according to the President, ‘just threw questions and statements.'”

I repeat. The “son of a whore” statement of the President was not directed at President Obama at all.

President Duterte

On September 5, Duterte gave a 5-minute speech informing the country that he is about to go to Laos for the ASEAN summit.

This is for the people to know the whole story.

After giving his speech, he asked the audience for questions and clarifications, saying:

“Any questions? I will give you a few.. for clarification for the statement only. Do not come more on to politics. It’s too far away.”

Despite his warning of not going too far, one reporter asked him:

“Sir, there have been concerns on extrajudicial killings, sir. And you will meet leaders, any line of communication that we have prepared to address this issue in front of other foreign leaders?”

To which Duterte replied:

“To whom shall I address myself to? Who will be asking the question? May I know?”

Somebody from the audience said, “Like Obama, Sir.” And that started it all. Here is his answer:

You know, the Philippines is not a vassal state. We have long ceased to be a colony of  the United States. Alam mo marame dyan mga kolumnista (You know there are a lot of columnists) who look up to Obama and the United States as if we are the lapdogs of this country.”

In this statement, Duterte was clearly addressing his audience, Obama’s name was only mentioned as an example because somebody in the audience mentioned Obama. I am not a Duterte-fan, but anybody listening to that line, who understands the language will know that he is not degrading Obama, he is merely lifting his people up. He ended it by saying:

“I do not respond to anybody but the people of the Republic of the Philippines”

Now, this is the part that gets dirty. In trying to lift his people, he was subconsciously saying something that can be used against him. Again, from our point of view, his point is that the Philippines should never bow down to any country, there is nothing against President Obama, his name was just dragged.

Wala akong pakelam sakanya (I don’t care about him). Who is he? I am not beholden to anybody.”

After this, he went on and addressed the columnists.

“May mga kolumnista dyan na (There are columnists out there that write headlines such as) ‘Wait until he meets..’ Who is he? I am a President of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony. I do not have any master except the Filipino people.”

The next line is addressed to the reporter who asked the question, not to Obama as the media is claiming:

You must be respectful. Do not just throw away questions and statements. Putangina (son of a bitch) I will curse you in that forum.”

As a clarification, Duterte is referring to reporters who are not respectful and are throwing questions at him that are not on topic.


Here’s a little Filipino crash course.

Puta = Whore/Bitch

Ina = Mom

Putangina = Son of a Bitch / Son of a Whore

Mo = You

“Putangina” is an expression like, say, “Shit,” or “Crap” are. When “Putangina is followed by “Mo,” that is what makes it become offensive. That is when it becomes “You are a son of a bitch.”

This clearly indicates that the President addressed the particular reporter who asked an offensive and out-of-line question despite PRRD’s plea that questions be limited to his ASEAN and working trips overseas.



  1. Thank you for you clarification….MEDIA here in the Philippines are poisoning us Filipinos and also the International community as well…..We love our President and we support him 100%!!

  2. Major media outlet in the Philippines are own by oligarch and they
    poisoned the mindset of the populace. They are traitors and unpatriotic
    citizens of the country with exceptions of course. The value themselves
    as righteous personality mostly they are women who had not even
    contributed to the development of the country. The used their leverage
    as a woman..women without integrity having a calamitic mindset and
    mostly now they belong to a group of vanishing specie. Dapat mag alaga
    na lang ng mga apo kung may apo. Shut up you stupid journnalist…

  3. Since 1986, history has been changed. They made a hero the man who was with Joma Sison, Ninoy, conducting Teach Ins about nationalism through communism in every school and university then. While the man who formed ASEAN primarily to fight Red China’s communism then has become a villain when he is supposed to be a hero. I am 63 years old and was also fooled by history although i was an active KM Quiapo chapter during that time. Now supporting Duterte even in his wanting to the burial of a former president, who, by decree, pursuant to AFP Regulations G161-137, is to be buried at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani,” As a former president, as simple as that. I pray that President Duterte will be blessed continuously in all things even in health as his sould prospers in his relationship with God. THANKS FOR THIS INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING.

  4. The news media is actually the one creating the problem by twisting the speech of Pres. Duterte. In this video, it is very obvious that Pres. Duterte was referring to the journalist who was asking questions.. Shame on whoever created this lie….Off with their heads! Pres. Duterte is an excellent president. I wonder if those journalists are drug users….

    • Let’s assume it was directed to a reporter, is it right? For a President to degrade a reporter with the insults

      • Good or bad as long as they only report exactly what he said! Because of twisting the speech which is not the first time they did to the President, the reporter deserve to be insulted!

      • What do you call the misleading articles and reports about PRRD? Isn’t that an insult as well to the president who is in fact giving importance to the Filipino people?

      • NOt only should he be degraded He was forewarned and yet he pushed his luck. I would have ejected him and sent him to his home country. He laid his trap and was there to merely instigate the response that he wants. I would have thrown you Navigator to the wolves.

      • The news reporters have not been honest in their reporting when it comes to what the newly elected president of the Philippines has done. Instead of supporting him in his plea to combat crime, he is being attacked from the human rights’ view points. When in reality the crime victims are unable to protect themselves. Now, in the video, the reporter was persistent in asking the president about the issue on extra judicial killings. Pres. Duterte already responded to the same questions several times in the past; however, the reporter at this time was adamant in addressing the same issue all over again. Put yourself in the shoe of the president, wouldn’t you get annoyed (or pissed off, pardon the language) if you were Pres. Duterte ? Have you heard of the saying, “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander?” In response to your question “is it right for a president to degrade a reporter with insults”, my answer is YES. The reporter deserved it. Now, let me ask you a question…Is it honorable for a reporter to erroneously report something that’s not true, like the war on drugs in the Philippines? That Pres. Duterte is a killer, and a murderer? Isn’t that outrageous? Maligning the character of a person who became president voted by 16million voters, an individual whose primordial goal is to clean up his country from drugs, corruption, rape, killing, human trafficking, kidnapping and other heinous crimes? Apparently, Pres. Duterte did not want to become president but because of the coercion of the people for him to run, he agreed to it with a condition that the people will help him in this big endeavor of cleaning up the country from criminality . Everyone in the Philippines should be rejoicing for having a great and courageous president. And if you are a Filipino who is not into drugs, you should be happy and proud of your president. God bless President Rody Roa Duterte and the people of the Philippine Islands!

        • Yawwwwnnn, the president is doing something good, thats true, but he need to check his mouth, presidency requires a wide brain and a slim mouth, sadly, what you have down on those islands is an opposite of that.
          Otherwise he is going to cost a million Fillipinos eking a living in United States Millitary bases allover.

          • Navigator, not to disparage your comment…what you are talking is a bit ridiculous and definitely doesn’t make any sense…You need to elucidate further the veracity of your statement to make it more plausible and for people to comprehend what you are babbling about.
            And one more thing, don’t you know that yawning while talking is a sure sign of indolence?..Just think about it…

          • You are a brilliant girl, Amy S. Thank you for protecting and fighting for our dear beloved president. As what our President said, he doesn’t have to bow and kneel to anybody except to his Filipino people who is anger and fighting for justice and poverty. So, we don’t owe any explanation from other country. This is an internal problem that needs to be addressed and solved in our country. Most journalist in the Philippines are so biased and we don’t even believed them anymore.

          • Deeee, I concur with what you are saying. The Philippines is no longer a protectorate of the US. People outside the Philippines should refrain from getting into the internal problem of the country. After all, the country has a very brilliant, capable and outstanding president who is able to do the job. Shame on those Filipinos who criticize and malign the character of President Duterte. At any rate, thank you for your comment!

    • I am a filipino and I am proud to our President Duterte. He is a great leader like late President Marcos. He is our last hope. The previous administration who is poison the mind of our fellow filipino people this past 30 years are eagerly to destroy our President DU30 that why they control almost all media and journalist in our country.

      • RR.Ramos, I am pleased to know that you are one of the 16 million Filipinos who support the new administration. The Philippines needs a Champion to make a great change in its government. Pres. Duterte is the right person! Keep it going. And thanks for responding to my comment. God bless!

    • I am from Bulacan, where Tagalog is our native dialect. I completely agree with you – most of the news media have twisted the intention and meaning of the message of Pres. Duterte. What a big shame to these group.

      • Joe A.S. Reyes, thank you for your interesting comment. I am pleased that you concurred with what I wrote above. Keep up with your support of the new admin. God bless!

  5. I don’t care what they will say about the President ..we can’t blame the losser by twisting his speech and trying to bring him down. As far as I know our , our Presidente is brilliant, intelligent and Brave..and I gave my 200% support to him…all his words are full of wisdom and it is truth..and Obama si not stupid enough to believe what others will say..

  6. Thanks to the social media. The truth prevails. Unlike the Marcos era wherein big radio and TV stations can falsely fed the bad information to poison the minds of the public. Some media men had not change inspite Pres. Duterte tone of reconciliation. We are aware media men paid were critical to Mayor Duterte during the campaign period but the payroll goes on until now to attack the new President. I think it’s time to investigate and punish those who are responsible in false reporting those news bits for sale to destroy the president.

  7. What a desperate lot you Phillipinos are.I understand you want to clean your country up after 50 years of corruption from President after President but murdering your opponents is not the civilized way to go.Duterte is another corrupt pollie and you have fallen for another strongman to vote for.Haven’t you got any honest politicians over in PI or do they all get shot for opposing the bully.It is a journalists job to ask the tough questions.Dutere,by not answering just shows he has something to hide.By attacking the question asker just shows how infantile he is.Time will tell.Once the world puts sanctions on PI for murdering innocent people,sanctioned by Duterte your standard of living will be even lower than it is now.All you have is your cheap labor to sell overseas.

    • You must live in the Philippines to know the truth, don’t just read from one sided media and don’t make such non sense comment!

    • Can you name an opposition that got killed? Don’t comment if you are not well informed. People like you make things even worse. Do your homework first before giving your suggestion. President Duterte is our best bet, he’s the only hope of the Philippines. He won the presidency for what, who he is. His platforms were laid and people liked it that is why he was voter for.

    • Yes time will tell as you have said. Eat your own words and live full of envy for us Filipinos and the Philippines. As of now, we’re gaining popularity, envied internationally and inch by inch taking phase toward peace and prosperity. God is with us in this period of transition. We’re looking forward that you visit Philippines and appreciate what’s really inside here and surely you love to stay here. Ibabala kita sa kanyon dahil sa pagyurak mo sa amin.

      • For a start god is a fairy tale and i have all ready been to PI.i feel sorry for the people that have so much hope in every new Prez and are let down badly,every time.Estrada is a prime example of a disgrace of a president.Why do you vote these people in.You don’t actually believe what they say,do you.

    • Listen you ignorant Thai Trev, if you are not Filipino shut your mouth, you have no business meddling in our country’s business. look around your country there are lot of syndicates and corrupt official like any other nations. Good thing in the Philippines is we have finally found a President who is politically willing to end all people’s suffering which your country had started yet. If you are ignorant of one thing better keep quiet okay? keep quiet and eat your meals regularly, you might be just hungry.

      • Wow!!! Spoken like a true LAPDOG of the US! You are definitely a well indoctrinated moron of the west. You are right on the fact that the media ought to ask tough questions & should be wary against the government, however many times it has been obvious where multiple media outlets have clearly buried such journalistic values & ethics under the ground. What do you mean he didnt answer? Maybe not to your standards…he did answer and I think he answered in the most stellar fashion. Your response is so moronic to the point of pity. Duterte is right to be wary against the US because Obama is the force behind ISIS. Did you know that ISIS members are trained mercinaries of the Obama administration? I bet you dont know that. You expect sanctions from who, the UN? They cant even uphold sanctions against Iran who have violated their agreed treaties with the US and have now harrassed Navy ships in the high seas, and you think we ought to worry about Philippines getting sanctioned. Let me tell you my dear… you clearly dont know that UN and NATO are funded arms of the US. So before you appear more idiotic, I suggest you shut your pie hole.

      • Unlike your country,my country has freedom of speech and i will say what i want and my leader will not bad mouth me for asking about people being murdered at his bequest.

        • Hahaha! I suggest you look yourself in the mirror you idiotic thailander coz your country is riddled with so many political problems too. Your country is considered a “high threat” hotbed of terrorism with miltary coup (2006) and bombings from then till as recent as 2016 targeting tourist areas. In fact, the book entitled “Thailand: Deadly Destination” even labeled Thailand the world’s most dangerous country. Whats the purpose of you bragging of your free speech if you’ll just drop dead one day thanks to the rampant bombing from crazy-minded people like you in your country. You criticize the Philippines and its people’s choice of governance… i suggest you direct your lectures to your own people and country thats faced with a deep human rights crisis since the May 2014 military coup. Rather than meddling with the Philippines, I suggest you use your energy to try & make a difference in your own country coz in the long run you really dont have a say coz YOU’RE NOT A FILIPINO CITIZEN. GET THAT IN YOUR HEAD. You tell us to worry about China? I think you and your country need to worry more about China than the Filipinos coz your economy is more closely tied to them and your economy is a shining example of a middle-income trap economy. Your junta is busy dealing with your country’s plague of human trafficking, government corruption, airline safety & foreign investors like Ford & Honda to say the least not wanting to invest in your country until your economic growth improves. At least Duterte is trying to rid the Philippines of problems slowly but surely and he’s clearly putting the Philippines in the spotlight… Enough to garner a rockstar treatment & appreciation from Top World leaders. What about your country’s leader? Not heard nor were there any news of his existence in the summit. Hahaha! What a shame… Furthermore, Duterte is already receiving positive news from would be international investors once his promised change is seen and felt by the people. I think youre just jealous of our leader coz clearly your country continues to be run by weak, incompetent leaders… Youre so lame to the point pity. You label us desperate? Clearly youre the one who’s desperately seeking our attention thru your lame comments, thinking you could project your frustrations by criticizing our leader & our people who you say is wanting to clean up 50 yrs of corruption.. At least we’re starting… What about your country??? Oh right!!! Nowhere near the starting line of change… Keep hating hater… You’re only making us Filipinos look better.

          • I never said Thailand was my country,you are assuming many things.Thailand’s former PM also went the murdering road where 2500 minor drug dealers and 100’s of innocent people were murdered by police and vigalantes.Now that PM is a fugitive from the law and his own country.and will never come back.His sister is facing criminal charges right now for dereliction of duty in allowing corruption to happen.Sound familiar.
            Check this out,Thailand is way in front of PI in every way,even bad politicians.Thailand has moved on from state sanctioned murdering it’s own people.Now they are doing it the right way.When you have to murder your own people your whole system as failed and broken down.

          • Well, its easy to assume when your name is clearly suggesting it and your mediocre comments reflect as though you are a product of that country. Its good you know the government predicaments that face Thailand. But just because you can point out such facts doesnt necessarily mean you can unilaterally equate that to Duterte’s crime fighting saga in his country. Most countries if not all have human rights violations. So for you to disparage Filipinos for supporting him in the use of a necessary force to do what he promised his countrymen in his campaign will continue to be viewed by many as hypocritical. Thats how they view democracy… they placed Duterte there to deliver the results that the very people who elected him expects him to do to a point where theyre willing to accept martial law to make that change a reality. So you and your opinions about this issue will only be perceived as a form of treachery because the majority of its citizens have spoken and theres little you and your kind can do about it.

          • If you equate murdering your own people with out justice as good for the PI,then this just shows how far the PI has slipped in being a civilized country.This kind of thing happened in the west 200 years ago.about time you lot caught up.If you can’t see where this is leading,then you don’t know history.Your president is just another criminal thug,one of many in the past.What’s next,gay people?

          • Hahahahaa! Look who’s talking claiming that the western countries history of genocide have not had similar issues dating back 200 yrs ago. Really? Look whos talking as though he’s that knowledgeable about history. Are you forgetting the Great Holocaust that happened starting 1933? Do the math… It was only 83 years ago. For somebody who has vague knowledge of the past, you sure talk as though you have the gift of premonition of the future. You got some crystal ball or something? Its funny how you say Philippines is gripped with murders without justice. Those criminals had been given a clear and ample warning to give up their criminal ways, and if they persist to break the law then thats when they clearly gets punished. Precisely why many have stopped and turned themselves in for self preservation purposes. Those who have complied have not been killed. If you think they were, then I suggest you show proof. As for the idiotic stubborn ones who think the law does not apply to them and continue to persist in their criminal ways… then I guess they get what they deserved but you cant say they werent warned. Perhaps the one that needs to catch up is you. You accuse Duterte as a criminal thug? Hahaha! If he is then explain to me why many world leaders love what he’s done.. If you are so right, then they ought to condemn him at the summit. But how come the only one who doesnt appreciate him is the incompetent Obama who has blood in his hands too, and his puppet the UN leader Ban?

          • When the rule of law was reestablished in Germany what happened to those criminals.The same will happen to your president.Have you got courts in PI or are they corrupt as well.This is were accused criminals go.Judges trained to sort out the truth and punish people if need be.When police and vigilantes take the law into their own hands it is a sign of a failed state.

          • For you to question if the Philippines have courts and ask if theyre corrupt clearly shows that you dont know much about the country… And yet you proudly give your opinion as though you know better than everybody.

          • Look, its starting to appear clear that you are pro-west person with the way you give the west the advantage while discriminating Filipinos. Im starting to get the impression that the reason you’re doing all this nonsense is because youre hurt that Obama got dissed. If thats the case, then youre one pitiful person coz then you will have to go after supporters of every world leader who have deliberately disrespected Obama. That makes for a lot of enemies, and for this short human life, its such a sad way to live. I suggest you get away from your gadgets and have a life coz your pessimism is starting to get too obvious.

          • You are assuming again and again you are wrong on all counts.I don’t like the US at all and all that it stands for but Obama is ok.I like all things Asian and in fact am married to one.I am very happy the way i live as it is exactly the way i chose.What i don’t like is when a pollie takes the law into his own hands and condones and sanctions murder as if he is above the law.None of your presidents are above the law and it will catch up to him,eventually.Your country has a bad track record of failed and corrupt presidents,this one is no different.You don’t seem to be able to grasp that politics and the law are 2 seperate things.Politicans make the law that the police carry out if necessary.The accused then face court and are convicted or not.Politicians don’t order the murder of civilians by police or vigilantes.Not in civilized countries anyway.Your president has failed the basics to be a human being never mind a leader of a country.That you agree with murdering people without facing court shows you have not grasped the basics of how civilized countries work.Legalize all drugs i say,then you wouldn’t have this problem.

          • Hahahaha! And now the truth has come out! Finally!!! You want to legalize drugs as a solution…. so thats your case. I may be wrong in my assumptions of who you are, but at least Im not trying to appear anonymous unlike you who obviously cant profess his own country of origin. Scared to get hunt down? Hahaha! I dont need lectures about the separation of government branches & their specific functions especially from you who is pro-drug legalization (regardless if its legal or illegal). No wonder you hate Duterte so much coz its people like you and who think like you that are the target of his crackdown. I guess its crystal clear that we’re from the opposite side of life & issues so I dont see the need to further discuss with you on this matter. Im just glad that finally you’ve confessed the real motives behind your attacks.

          • Once again your assumptions are wrong.You keep repeating the same mistakes which is the sign of a slow learner.Why would i be a target for being murdered in PI.I don’t do drugs,don’t smoke and haven’t had a beer for 6 months.Some countries have woken up that the war on drugs has failed,and have legalized or decriminalized some drugs with startling results for the better.It is treated as a health problem.I wrote my motives but your comprehension is sadly lacking.

          • You clearly are the slow learner here. I just gave an encompassing statement of people who are pro-drug legalization and you automatically think Im accusing you of being a criminal and drug/alcohol user. Plus, you readily question why you’d be a murder target… when clearly It was just a supposal considering you clearly are not proud to declare that youre a citizen of a particular civilized country. And now youre back pedaling on your statement about making the legalization of drugs your solution. Now you want to decriminalize only CERTAIN DRUGS. Like I said before, were from opposite sides of life & issues. You believe in the legalization & benefit of drugs stoning & dumbing down the next generation… then youre entitled to your opinion. I on the otherhand think otherwise. Coz if your belief of its benefits hold true, then most countries if not all would have adapted & legalized it by now. But clearly its not. So you can keep at this with me to no avail or you can just look for somebody else to convince. Your choice.

          • Let me give you a taste of your medicine… The hint word was “PRO-WEST.” I didnt say the US. Clearly in your world & mind…the only country that exist in the western hemisphere is the US. Go get yourself a map & get acquainted with it. Its funny how you like to claim that my assumptions are wrong when clearly youre the one with vague responses hoping to use your ambiguity as a chance to correct somebody. Such a pathetic tactic from a lame person who claims to live in a civilized society. Clearly, Im not the one lacking comprehension. Youre the one who cant get your act straight. Just needed to make a necessary last stop on my way out of you pathetic threads coz clearly you needed your dose of illumination. Sayonara!

    • Wow!!! Spoken like a true LAPDOG of the US! You are definitely a well indoctrinated moron of the west. You are right on the fact that the media ought to ask tough questions & should be wary against the government, however many times it has been obvious where multiple media outlets have clearly buried such journalistic values & ethics under the ground. What do you mean he didnt answer? Maybe not to your standards…he did answer and I think he answered in the most stellar fashion. Your response is so moronic to the point of pity. Duterte is right to be wary against the US because Obama is the force behind ISIS. Did you know that ISIS members are trained mercinaries of the Obama administration? I bet you dont know that. You expect sanctions from who, the UN? They cant even uphold sanctions against Iran who have violated their agreed treaties with the US and have now harrassed Navy ships in the high seas, and you think we ought to worry about Philippines getting sanctioned. Let me tell you my dear… you clearly dont know that UN and NATO are funded arms of the US. So before you appear more idiotic, I suggest you shut your pie hole.

  8. Mr President gumawa kana ng batas na mag papakulong sa media na namamaluktot ng mga balita, masyado kana nilang sinisiraan at apektado na rin mismo ang bayan!

  9. I am a Loyal to our beloved President Duterte. Sino walang flaw? Inaamin niya na siya ay tao lang and tend to commit mistakes at ang importante alam niya yun and know how to apologize, learn from it ika nga. He was many times misunderstood and misquoted. Anyway he represent us Filipinos as a whole for he was our Leader internationally and perhaps sometimes he cannot control his emotion for the Love of our country and to us. For those many problems trying to solve. Mabigat ang nasa balikat niya. Sino magtatanggol sa kanya? Sino ang papanig sa kanya? Dapat tayo rin mga Filipinos. I Love him in return for he is willing to sacrifice his own life for his Patriotism. Continue to support him in his battle against all odds.

  10. These bias media people are the one causing chaos to our country… they abused their freedom of speech. Its about time to pass a law on this kind of matter like whoever editing the news & not delivering it correctly will be jail not less than 5 years and should be penalized! And i humbly suggest, let PTV 4 will be the only official network to bring news or to air the presidents speech & activities to avoid these abusive mediamen…

  11. lol… Pres. Duterte is right…the illegitimate US President should not interfere with other sovereign nation business, actually US of A was in interregnum (An interregnum (plural interregna or interregnums) is a period of discontinuity or “gap” in a government, organization, or social order.)It is under state capture by the Network of Global Corporate Control (identified by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich )and Obama is only the COO of US corporation.
    The contemporary so-called Federal Government, i.e., the terrain of the District of Columbia is actually the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation. That is, the “United States,” is located in the District of Columbia and doing business as “United States™” and “United States®.”

    As I have posted many times, this is the source of Evil.
    Pres. Duterte should be very careful with the Vatican, CIA and the Mainstream Media that was owned and controlled by the Network of Global Corporate Control (identified by by Vitali, Glattfelder, and Battiston of ETH Zurich )
    Read the teleprompter so that you may know how Vatican, CIA and Switzerland are interconnected. This is the Teleprompter of Karen Hudes DCTV Show.
    About Switzerland and the Templars, based on
    Sean Hross
    Here is the teleprompter:
    Here are the Famous Warnings/Quotes on the Evil of Jesuits

  13. Wait until PRRD will discipline this irresponsible and bias media. I hope masampulan sa lalong madaling panahon. ABS CBN and GMA, huwag nyo namang gawing gago ang bansang Pilipinas.

  14. Here’s a random scenario:
    American talks to his Filipino friend: Hey Felicia. I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on in your country right now. Hope your family is okay.
    Pinay: Why what’s wrong?
    Kano: Haven’t you read the news? There’s been a lot of killings going on. The elected President is running the country with his reign of terror. They say he is a mass murderer and he is committing genocide.
    Pinay: Oh, you mean the killings? Those are legitimate police operations. Those were criminals and drug peddlers killed because they resisted arrest. Wow! Genocide? That’s like killing 6 million in a holocaust. That’s just too much. Don’t believe that. My family has never been better. In fact, this is the happiest they’ve been since the new President took office.
    Kano: Really? Why so?
    Pinay: Yeah. Because change has come. Just barely two months and he’s done so much. Did you know that we already have 911 emergency response? 600,000 drug addicts and peddlers voluntarily surrendered for rehabilitation. More than 10 mining firms closed down because of illegal operations. They’re making the country self-sufficient in producing rice. Stranded OFWs were rescued in Saudi Arabia. The railway transit is being repaired and is much more efficient now. The President goes after the drug lords and corrupt politicians. The government is engaging with peace talks with the rebels. They’re hunting down the terrorist group down south. Crime has gone down 49%. It’s so much safer to walk the streets now.
    Kano: Wow! For real? I haven’t read those in the news.
    Pinay: Yes. Because media outlets here only report the negative ones. Most media corporations in the Philippines are owned by oligarchs. That’s why they try to bring down the President because they are scared of him.
    Kano: Thanks for telling me this. No wonder Filipinos always have good things to say about your new President.
    Pinay: That’s right. For the first time in my life, I’ve seen a President that we can really trust. He has the approval of 91% of the Filipinos. Oh, and by the way. Don’t believe that it’s chaotic in the Philippines. We will be hosting the next Miss Universe and you can go and visit.
    Kano: That would be lovely!

  15. Thank you for clearing our president Mayor Du30. Most id not all reporters, media, journos always twist, distort, destroy mayors interviews thus giving him a negative outcome. How I wish there will be a million like you who will be fair in dealing with Mayor Du30’s interviews. God BLess.

  16.… this is a democratic propaganda arm of Obama & Clinton’s party. Even if this article says Duterte’s response was not geared towards Obama, it clearly was a jab at him and to those people who puts America in a pedestal. You guys tend to forget that Obama’s government operatives are against Duterte even during the Presidential campaigns because they want Rojas (puppet of Aquino.. Aquino the puppet of the US) over Duterte. Besides, even before this event happened, Duterte have already expressed distaste for US and its funded and controlled arm, the United Nations coz they want to sway Duterte from his plans to fully rid the Philippines of its corruption. Precisely why he was right on point when he said that he is a leader of a sovereign country who long ceased to be a colony of the US. And that people who wish to discredit him are people who views the Philippines as a lapdog of the US. He’s speaking as person who is a true Philippine Nationalist and I think you guys need to stop feeling embarrased. Unfortunately, so many filipinos have felt embarrassed and ashamed when they ought to be proud of him. I dont know why they worry about Obama when the one they should be worrying is the next President of the US. Obamas term is ending and he wont have any further power over possible opportunities for the Philippines on many aspect of the US-Philippines relations. Regardless of the scuffle. Duterte have already expressed regret. If that doesnt tell you about his character and why you ought to be proud he is your president then I dont know what to tell you. He clearly is willing to lower his pride and subdue his true feelings & thoughts about America for the sake of his country.

      • Oh really?! Your response just showed how ignorant you are of history on how important the Philippines is at a geographic standpoint to the US. And precisely why America had to make the Philippines an ally nation. I suggest you relearn history to know the strategic & geographic importance of the Philippines to America’s success during World War II & its continued importance to the US. I think you need to be the one to get over your idiotic comments coz clearly you dont know anything.

        • That’s right.The PI is just another base for the mighty USA.They don’t care less about the people.It was just a place to park their planes and ships and screw your women.When a country has to get most of it’s money from remittances,that is a fail state.

          • Another sign of ignorance with your statement of “it was just a place to park their planes & ships & screw your women.” You clearly dont know a lot about that and youre shooting yourself in the foot with your idiotic comments. For your information, U.S. warships have called regularly at Subic Bay since 2000, but ONLY to dock during exercises with the Philippine military or to use its commercial facilities for repairs and resupply. Its not a parking lot. There is a protocol in place & strategic purpose for such occurences. Honestly, Im getting tired of schooling you on a lot of issues coz clearly you dont know a lot. Go find somebody else with the same mental ineptness as yours to convince.

          • The hint is in the word”WAS” which is past tense and if i am not mistaken includes the 70’s and 80’s,It was very sad to see Filapinas throwing themselves at the Navy boys.Still happening today.

          • You clearly are contradicting yourself, by claiming it to be in the past while putting the same scenarios in the present.. when all those points you highlighted were used in the same sentence. Its pretty clear that obviously you still hold the same belief against filipinos coz as far as youre concerned filipinos are incapable of change. So you pointing out that your beliefs of the country being a parking lot to be only in the past still does not excuse you of your ignorance. Coz time & time again over the course of this discussion youve made your case that Filipinos seemingly have not changed from past till present. You try and discredit filipino women for throwing themselves at Navy boys… How arrogantly naive you are..Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, its existence has long persisted before you were even born. If you can prove that your country has zero history of having any prostitutes nor have any till this very day, then I can give you the go ahead to have bragging rights. Until then, you have no right to look down on filipinos on the basis of throwing themselves at foreigners because it is a reality thats shared by many people regardless of their country of origin. So I suggest you go down from your high horse coz a meager fly like you still remains a fly even when youre on top of that horse.

          • Stooping to abusing me,just shows you have lost the argument and once again you are wrong on all counts about my character. You need to move on from your blind loyalty of a murderer.Just because he is PI’s president means nothing,he is a criminal.You need to see the bigger picture instead of following the pied piper,blindly.This is how desperate Filipinos are,grabbing at anything as your country is a mess.There are better ways to clean up your country,violence is never the answer.Haven’t you got any good politicians in the PI.Thailand didn’t and that’s why the Army stepped in and now politicians are being jailed for corruption.Slowly things are changing for the better.I truly hope the PI improves as it is what the people deserve but what is happening now will leave a black mark on PI for a long time.

    • VIENTIANE, Laos –A deep sadness felt by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as he expressed regret for his expletive-laced tirade against United States President Barack Obama.

      President Rodrigo Duterte at the ASEAN Summit in Laos –
      A statement released on Tuesday (Sept 6) by Duterte said. He was sad for his strong comments to certain press questions that elicited concern and distress we also regret it came across as a personal attack on US President Barack Obama.

      Duterte has realize you can’t bite the hand that feeds you.This is one man he can’t silence by murdering him.

      • Yes he did express regret but never did apologize for it. If that news doesnt give you a glimpse of his character then you clearly are blind. He is willing to humble himself & subdue his true feelings for the sake of his countrymen. Besides, Obama is not a stranger to all these disrespect coz Duterte wasnt the first to do that to him. He is and always will be the most incompetent & embarrassing President in the history of the US. World leaders see him as a weak and insignificant pathetic leader. Cuba’s president disrespected him and so is China. Nowhere near the respect Duterte holds from world leaders as clearly displayed during this summit.

  17. Plus Duterte’s heart is in the right place to all the more despise Obama/US is because of the fact that he loves the Filipinos & the Philippines. US appears hollier than thou in the international stage claiming its trying to fight Terrorism. But Russian President Putin was the first to point out that it was Obama who is the force behind ISIS. Duterte recently was not happy that ISIS is recruiting in the Philiplines & trying to radicalize filipinos right? Im sure you heard that in the news. Heres video of Obama admitting that he is indeed training ISIS which he fondly calls ISIL. He is funding and arming ISIS. Its not on this video but if your training somebody then whats the purpose of training if you dont arm them to do the fight right? ISIS members are literally trained mercenaries of Obama’s administration. So I think Duterte is right to be wary against Obama/US as its ally because he’s not ignorant. The very horror you see in Paris, Europe caused by ISIS… the current American President had a hand to it. I think what duterte is trying to do is reframe filipinos minds to stop idolizing and putting America on the pedestal because theyre not as good as you think.

  18. Cguro kung ako ang nagbabalita sa TV ay mahihiya ako na ibalita ang dpat ay kahihiyan ng sarili kong bansa. Pero sa pinas parang ikinakatuwa pa nila na ibalitang ang pinas ay puno ng kabalbalan at ang presidente ay pamali mali at nakakatawa. That’s media in ph…mapanira as if they are not a reflection of what and who they are.

    • Thats because the very critics of him are the exact example of people who ought to be called IDIoTS & are the lapdogs of the US. Their minds are still trapped in the era of servitude to America who was once their colonizers.

      • Don’t worry about the US,who saved your country 70 years ago.Worry about The Sprateys and China.USA will not help you then.

        • hahahaha! Thai Trev, the exact example of an IDIOT that I just spoke of. Clearly with your comment you view America as a hero and your mindset is the exact example of a lapdog. Worry about Spratleys & China? Havent you heard of what Duterte planned to do in relation to China? You ought to read the news coz clearly you are not current with it. Why dont you go to a library and read coz the more I read your idiotic comments, the more I’m lead to think that Im talking to somebody who’s not smarter than a first grader.

          • Duterte has no plan except to get other people to do his murdering for him,This is so typical of a despot and bully.of Africa and has happened in Asia before,In actual fact these type of men are cowards.When you stoop this low you have lost control of your country.Duterte is a state sanctioned criminal and the world court will catch up with him in the future.He is exactly the same as all your other hopeless presidents you have had since and including Marcos.The PI is a basket case and hasn’t improved since the 2nd WW.Your naivity is touching that you thing this murderer is going to solve all your problems.You are going to be brokenhearted again as your hero fails to produce economic and social reform that is badly needed in PI.What does the Catholic Church say about all this murdering?Duterte is a narcissist and people like you only help embarrass your country in the eyes of the world.The world that gives you money to help your broken country.

          • Keep holding your breath for the day that the world court would sanction Duterte then coz Im sure your narrow minded predictions will not happen. Basket case? Really? Look who’s talking… in my views, you are the shining example of a basket case who hail from a country of idiots basing from its end product & representative to this forum (YOU) …who thinks of being better than everybody else but clearly is not.. You are the example of someone who thinks hes a champagne in a tall glass, when in fact youre nothing but a lukewarm piss in a plastic cup. Naivity? Really? Its called having a sense of HOPE. But I’m sure that word is not in your vocabulary because clearly youre nothing but a hollow, empty piece of shell filled with negativity, who fills his days disparaging Filipinos fooling himself into thinking he’s done something productive with his day. Dull people like you need not worry about our hearts getting broken coz Filipinos by nature are optimistic..A trait that will take someone like you centuries to develop. You ask about the Catholic church? What do you think? Only imbeciles ask questions that no right-minded person would bother answer. Youre the only one who sees filipinos as an embarrassment and who think lowly of our kind. And that right there are the makings of a RACIST. Need I spell it out for you? Youre a racist. No wonder you cant fully declare what country you’re from coz for sure your own countrymen will disown you for your shameful commentaries. And you brag about having the freedom of speech…Your freedom of speech claim is nothing but BS. You are more deserving to be called a narcissist coz most people who are such… are racist themselves.

          • I think Ive had my fill of you. You clearly are a coward and egotistic racist. I dont condone people like you. So I’m not gonna waste anymore time with you. Coz after constantly dealing with you for awhile , it really solidified my thoughts in the statement, “You cant argue with crazy people.” It gets tiring overtime dealing with someone who clearly is mentally handicapped. The famous Thomas Paine best describes how I feel about you..”To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” You can give a person knowledge, but you cant make them think coz they prefer to remain fools only because the truth requires change. It gets old dealing with cowards like you who are only brave in the face of anonymity. So goodluck peddling your ideas to somebody else who’s foolish enough to believe you. Truly, there are some things money cant buy like morals, intelligence and common sense. Clearly you only have a dash of each trait that chatting with you gets boring and pointless. So please consider this as my last response to your thread… And cancel my subscription to your issues. Adios!

  19. While P Duterte won our 2016 Presidential Elections. He won by garnering only 39% of registered voters. That said, 61% voted for other candidates. Registered voters are not the whole of the Philippine population. Since it’s less than 50% of registered voters, it is not the “majority”, It’s not a “landslide win” either as he won win with a 6 million vote lead(of his 16 Million votes) vs. the next candidate by democratic process. Still 61% did not vote for him. I know far more people who did not vote for him and he has this ability to ‘possess’ his followers with his demonic style of leadership. His upbringing in the never peaceful Davao where bombings and killings are “normal” is popular to citizenry who are ‘victims’ of injustice where they feel that instant justice is the only way. That’s the profile of his followers who would be blindly loyal to show support and even laugh at his cussing. Please don’t generalize that Filipinos in general are like this madman of our elected President. He did not get 61% of registered voters.

    • Does it matter if he did not get the other 61% vote? Who is the elected president now then? Duterte? So since his assumption of office, this makes him the representative of the whole Philippines. Now, wether you like it or not, he is the president. And you are expected to recognize it. Besides, is it his fault if he garnered only 39% of registered voters just because the election was rigged? Blame the past administration and the opposing part of Liberal. Thre is no issue here of upbringing. The majority of the people are tired of crimes committed by addicts, pushers and other criminals. You mentioned “never peaceful Davao”. Are you sure of this? Are you living there, or outside the country? Ok, whatever your reason is, he is the President and you have to accept that. You can not do anything for the country but to criticize, I suggest you shut up. Or else, you yourself do his job.

  20. Does it really matter who it was address to? No civilized person should ever use vulgarity to another person , it makes the peron uttering such profanity look so cheap and trashy whether you are a regular person or a head of state. Digong will find his match some day and he or she will probably be as filthy mouthed or more than he is — let us see how he reacts to it if the table is turned around and to have him take his own medicine.

  21. Ms Gueco seems to have suspended her intellect in her translation. I speak Tagalog fluently, and it actually doesn’t take fluency to see that he is imagining a hypothetical situation where he is being asked by Pres. Obama about extrajudicial killings. The entire diatribe starting with the U.S. apologizing first for the Moro pacification campaign of 1902 is aimed at a hypothetical American president. It’s clear from the video that Mr. Duterte harbors great resentment about American influence over the Philippines, and that may indeed be justified. But hey, he said what he said. Ms. Gueco’s version of reality is only plausible in a world where 1 + 1 does not equal 2.

  22. the biased media is just like the drug lords, terrorist, delima, trillanes, who cant seem to accept the missions and visions of our President Du30 to clean this country we live in. They would try and try to cause chaos, misconceptions, misleadings, to twist and distort minds. Sorry na lang sila, this generation is now very intelligent and sensitive to the issues of this country. Pwede pala linisin ang pinas of drugs, criminality, terrorism, and corruption, bakit ngayon lang? Thank you President Du30. We continue to pray for your protection, for your health, for good wisdom. Mabuhay ka!

  23. Maraming matalino ngayon pero hnd na alam gamitin ang utak ng tama, sa panahon ngayon nakikita ko na mas matalino na and dating tinatawag na mang mang. Dahil ang dating mga mangmang na pinaiikot at nauuto ng mga matatalino kuno ay nagising na, at dahil ito sa pagpapahalaga ng pangulo para sa lahat ng naaapi, karapatan ba kamo? Lahat tayo may karapatan, either tama o mali. Ngunit walang tamang dahilan na maipagtanggol ang karapatan ng mga nakagaagwa ng mali. Alam nman natin na mabuti ang intinsyon ng ating leader, alam kong alam nyo yan kahit ayaw nyo sa kanya, gayun pa man. Wala syang paki alam sa kung anong pananaw ninyo, as a leader mas iniintindi nya ang pamumuno at kung paano matuto ang pilipino na madisiplina, ligtas, tumayo sa sariling pangalan at harapin ang pagkukulang o pagkakamali, ngunit maraming may ayaw nito. Ibat ibang klase sila, mayroong apektado ang pansariling kapakanan, mayroong nakikisabay para masabing kakaiba, mayroong pinangangatawanan na lamang ang unang pagkakamali at para mapatunayan na sila nga ay tama hahanap sila ng maliit na pagkakamali ng pangulo at palalakihin nila ito upang mabuhay ang hustisyang nawala dahil sa pagkakamali nila nuon. Isang bagay lang ang hnd ko maintindihan, ANO BA ANG GUSTO NINYONG IPAGLABAN SA PATULOY NA PAG KRITIKO SA PANGULO,? Madalas ninyong ginagawa iyan dahil upang ipamata sa mga tagasuporta ng makabagong administrasyon na mas tama ang mga nauna at nakasanayan nyo na, kesyo para rin daw ito sa pilipinas, madalas nyo sinasabi na nawa ay ayusin ng pangulo ang pagkatao nya dahil sya ang tumatayong representative ng bandang ito. Oo TAMA KAYO. pero naisip nyo ba? Na sa tuwing tuwang tuwa kayo, at nag hahanap ng ikamamali, ikasisira, ikahihiya ng lider ninyo na nagrerepresenta sa sarili ninyong bayan e para nyo naring sinisira ang pagkatao ninyo bilang pilipino.

    Well, mga gunggong. Saan man kayo magpunta kayo ay kikilalanin na pilipino. At kung magtagumpay man kayo sa pag sira sa leader nyo at ikatuwa ang masamang labas ng pilipinas, kapag kayo ay nangibang bayan. Walang alam ang lahat ng tao kung isa kayo sa lumaban sa pangulo o sumuporta. Dahil pinoy kayo isa lang ang magiging tingin sa inyo, INUTIL, BASTOS, DUTERTARDS, BOBO, MAYABANG, PALAMURA, SIRA ULO O KUNG ANO ANO PA MAN NA GUSTO NINYONG IPAKILALA SA LIDER NG BANSANG KUNG SAAN NAROON KAYO.
    Payo? Ito maipapayo ko, bago ninyo sirain ang pangalan ng pangulo at ng bansa, paki palitan na ang citizenship ninyo bilang pilipino, at sa pag alis ninyo malaya kaung murahin kami minu-minuto, WHO CARES? Ang presidente ay presidente, bibilabg pa kayo ng napakaraming taon bago sya mapalitan, at hndng hnd sya mawawala sapagkat majority of Pilipino people ang nagmamahal sa kanya, kaya bago nyo sya hiyain at abangan ang kanyang kahihiyan isipin nyo ang kahihiyan ng pilipinas tandaan ninyo na sya na ang leader ng bansang ito at sa pamamagitan nya makikila ang mga pilipino KASAMA KAYO.

  24. Some Filipinos may hate him, they may call him names and see him as uncouth. But make no mistake about it, his love for this country and for the Filipino is unquestionable. A lot of us choose to criticize and criticize harshly under the pretext of being “concerned citizens” but in reality these people are only after themselves. This president has a vision for this country, and that is something none of his predecessors had. No doubt there will be difficult times ahead. There will always be birthing pains in any new endeavor. But I am positive we will be able to make the crucial change because unlike his predecessors, this man inspires. This country needs leadership, we need a leader whose focus of governance is the Filipino. That is what Filipinos with high hopes see in him. And that is why his foul mouth on the final analysis does not really matter, except to the hypocrites.

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