The war against illegal drugs initiated by the Philippine President Rodrigo R. Duterte is getting positive feedback from other Asian countries specially Indonesia.

Anti-narcotics  chief Budi Waseso of Indonesia appreciated the move by the Philippine President and called for a similar crackdown to be implemented in his country.

Waseso stated in a press conference that the drug problem in Indonesia is no different from the Philippines. “The life of a dealer is meaningless because carries out mass murder. How can we respect that?” he asked.

Indonesia’s anti-narcotics agency BNN said it will upgrade its arsenal of weapons, training of officers, technology and equipment needed in the fight against the illegal drug trade.

While President Duterte has earned both praise and criticism for his efforts, both the Philippines and Indonesia apparently share the same philosophy in the war against illegal drugs.

“It can happen because in Indonesia is as bad as in the Philippines,” Waseso said.