An eight day of massive military exercises will be starting today, September 12, by China and Russia which is to be held in South China Sea.


Chinese Navy’s official website stated that the military exercises , called “Joint Sea-2016”, will present shipborne helicopters, fighter jets, submarines, destroyers and even marines.They will conduct naval practices in defense, anti-submarine operations, rescues and even “island-seizing” exhibition.

The two countries’ marines will be taking part in live-fire exercises, naval defenses and landing maneuvers. Their collaboration was planned when China declared, even before the tensions in South China Sea had started, that Beijing and Moscow will be conducting “routine” military naval exercises.

Even after United States demanded that China should honor the Hague International tribunal decision favoring the Philippines and nullifying Beijing’s claim to the South China Sea. China still condemned the ruling and will still be claiming parts of the South China Sea.

And in the past few weeks, China had expressed that they have planned to retake Scarborough Shoal and will continue island building projects, even against the warning of Philippines President Duterte announcing that his country is ready to have a “bloody conflict” with China.


But in the last ASEAN Summit, President Duterte said that he is still seeking for a peaceful solutions regarding the legal claims in South China Sea.