A Turkish firm, “Aselsan” is a defense company that produces tactical military radios and defense electronic systems wherein it will be the supplier of helmet-mounted/weapon-mounted monocular night vision devices, weapon-mounted infrared aiming devices, and laser zeroing devices for the Philippine Army.

The Aselsan was declared as the lowest bidder and is represented by local company System Nomics Philippines for this project seeking 4,464 sets of night vision devices. The firm offers PHP712.069 million ($15.4 million) lower than the endorsed spending plan of PHP1.116 billion.

Night vision monocular – Aselsan Turkey Turkish Defense Industry Military Equipment

A notice to proceed was issued by the Philippines in July and the first deliveries could start in the second quarter of 2017. Most devices will be delivered to the army’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Deliveries should be completed in late 2017 or early 2018, depending on when the letter of credit is issued. All equipment is due to be delivered within six months of contract signature.

image credit to news.com.au

It is indistinct what specific items Aselsan offered to the Philippine Army, yet it makes the A100 monocular that measures 320g and offers a 40º field of perspective view and 1x amplification.

The terrorist groups such as the Abu Sayyaf are often better equipped than government forces in terms of weapons and night vision goggles. This is according to a Special forces personnel operating in the Southern part of Mindanao and now that the Philippine soldiers will be using these new systems will allow flexibility to fight and operate more effectively at night and in low-light conditions.

Older version night vision goggles model AN/PVS-7 pinterest.com

Once the new devices are delivered, older night vision equipment currently used by SOCOM (e.g. the AN/PVS-7 as pictured above) is likely to be passed down to regular infantry units.

The Philippines have already procured military hardware from Turkey, most outstandingly as a set number of FNSS ACV 15 tracked vehicles in APC and recuperation designs. – JCE.