Amphibious Assault Vehicle while maneuvering on land.

During the Asian Defense and Security (ADAS) 2016, a Philippine Marine spokesperson confirmed that 8 amphibious assault vehicles for the Philippine Marines will be delivered by Hanwha Techwin, a South Korean company, on 2018. The first 4 will arrive on August and the second 4 on December of 2018.

The contract for the 8 assault amphibious vehicles were made on the first quarter of 2016, with the amount of P2.423 billion.


These assault amphibious vehicles are all personnel-carrying types, that can be armed with a one-man turret mounting K4 40 millimeter automatic granade launcher and a rapid shooting K6 12.7mm machine gun.


The contract of these AAVs is a part of a 7 multi-year contract that was made by the past Administration. The said contract also involves the acquisitions of 3 air surveillance radar, munitions for FA-50, 6 close-air support aircraft and 2 long-range patrol aircraft for the Philippine Air Force.

The Philippine Navy will also receive 2 anti-submarine helicopters and 2 frigate which will be acquired through the contract.