President Duterte said that he will ask Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for more assistance with building more railroads for the nation, especially in Mindanao as he seeks after political, monetary and resistance participation between the Philippines and Japan.

In a meeting with the Japanese media before leaving the nation, Duterte said he will push for monetary collaboration as “more infrastructure, bridges, and railroads” to boost development in rural areas.

“As you can see, no nation has developed faster without the railway. We might want to have it in Mindanao, considering my limited term, we cannot talk of a massive railway station because that would involve something like almost 6,000 kilometers,” Duterte said Monday, adding that he would be asking for possible Japanese support for train systems to Clark and Bicol.

“In particular, we can tap the experience and expertise of Japan in developing high quality and modern public transportation,” Duterte said in another speech before leaving the country on Tuesday.

The only problem he saw, Duterte admitted, is the space needed to build the necessary infrastructure.

duterte-subway-plan“Plenty of houses and people there. Even to get the space to put the railway to make it run. Something which is a very big, an enormous problem for government and the builder itself, the contractor,” he said.

Japan had earlier announced that it is pouring a massive $2.4 billion for a 38-kilometer elevated commuter line would connect Manila to nearby Bulacan province to decongest the capital and help spur economic activity.

Masato Ohtaka, deputy press secretary for Japan’s foreign ministry, said that Japan has signified its openness to building a railway Mindanao, a project Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had previously said China offered to fund.

Among these are The Mindanao Railway System and the Manila to Clark direct railroad and additionally the Clark-Subic freight and passenger rail line.

Japanese firm said earlier that that official estimates on Manila’s traffic jams cost the Philippine economy at least $64 million.

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  1. You have to ask for a loan why not to a reliable Japan railway that have a good quality than substandard china railway which you will spend too much money for substandard. Japan will last long than substandard Chinese railway. anyway Filipino people will be the one who will pay for that and why not make it in reliable country that can manage to do the railway system in the country.

  2. I hope in the near future all provinces can be reached by bullet train so that even an employee who for instance working in Manila while he is living in Quezon Province could travel for 1 hour only. because the bullet train can travel a maximum of 380 Kilometers an hours and the distance from Manila to Quezon Province around 100 kilometers,if that will happen Manila would not be crowded anymore.

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