A punishment is being given to employees of a Chinese home furnishing in Shaanxi, China, employees that do not hit company targets will be punished by making them swallow and eat live worms.

In a public place downtown of Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province around 6:30pm of November 8, 50 uniformed employees gathered to form a circle.

Later the manager named Mr. Cao arrived with a plastic bag containing chopsticks, cups and two bottles of liquor. The other contained live yellow mealworms.

After Mr. Cao gave instructions. He immediately poured some liquor into each cup, added a 4 to 5 worms and announced the names of all underperforming employees telling each of them to drink up.

According to a store employee, workers are required every morning to report their work target to the supervisor, and those who fail to achieve their targets will be punished the following day.

“Today’s punishment is eating worms they bought from a pet market. Four to five worms for losing one customer,” explained another employee.


On Nov 10, a local newspaper reporter spoke to the man in charge whose surname is Cao.

Mr. Cao said. “We set sales targets for the next day and everyone signs a guarantee. If anyone fails to achieve the target, he or she will accept the punishment voluntarily.”

“The targets are set by employees, with the purpose of self-motivation,” Cao added.

However, some observers thought differently. They said the company ought to respect its employees instead of demeaning them.

A legal, lawyer named Attorney Zhao Xiaodong, has expressed concern about a violation being done to those employees, forcing to eat live worms infringes employees’ rights telling to report immediately to the labor department. – JCE.