President Rodrigo Duterte was not worried in spite of the US State Department halting the planned sale of assault rifles to the Philippine National Police.

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The US State Department is deciding not to push for some 26,000 MP4 assault rifle sale agreement upon knowing that the deal is going to be opposed by Senator Ben Cardin.

As a United States policy, the US State Department informs Congress first to ask for a clearance before proceeding on any international weapons sales to other countries.

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee headed by Senator Ben Cardin said he would oppose it, given concerns about human rights violations in the Philippines. Senate aides told journalist on Monday.

Aides said Foreign Relations committee staff informed State that Cardin would oppose the deal during the department’s pre-notification process for the sale of 26,000-27,000 assault rifles, stopping the deal.

M400-11b-s-sbrmade by SIG Sauer

Meanwhile, In an ambush media interview with President Duterte at the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Davao City on November 1. The President said to the reporter “Susmaryosep! Yun lang? [ Is that all? ]

“Yun lang ang pantakot nila sa akin, hindi daw nila ako bentahan ng armas, eh ka raming de-bomba dito.

[ “Is that all they can say to threaten me? That they will not sell firearms to us? We have many air rifles here,” ] He said in jest.


Duterte said, “Remember the Russian, I said the diplomat said, come to Russia, we all have here anything you need.” – JCE.

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