A plan to connect the main island of Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao with bridges is now being studied by the Duterte administration.

A very promising gigantic project that will push for the development of entire Philippine archipelago, budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said Monday.

Diokno said, “We are looking into the possibility of linking Luzon to Mindanao – [where] you can drive by car.”

He said that government plans to allocate up to P9 trillion in the next six years to build new roads, bridges, and transport terminals in a construction spree that is required to create no less than one million jobs for the Filipinos.

Aside from construction, the new jobs will be generated in the tourism and manufacturing sectors, he added.

A 32-hour long drive from Manila to Davao City is possible.

A possible 32-hour long drive from Manila to Davao City.

Bridge Link Connectors

Matnog to San Isidro
Matnog to San Isidro
The famous San Juanico Bridge
San Ricardo to Surigao

Higher open spending and strong utilization, combined with expanded ventures once outside proprietorship limitations are lifted could drive economic development to 10 percent. Diokno added. – JCE.



  1. This is going to be the greatest project ever and should propel the Philippines’ economy to unimaginable great heights and advancement in both domestic and international statures if all goes well. This is very exciting!

    IMO, the route that goes through Mindoro, Panay and Negros is a much better & safer option as it is less likely to be exposed to tsunamis and wild storms which seem to be happening more often nowadays. Also, the route will pass thru major cities Iloilo City, Bacolod City and could easily connect/branch out to Cebu City.

    The 30+ hours drive seems pretty slow for a 1,500+ km trip. It would require major improvements to road infrastructures to complement the bridges project toward a faster and safer road in terms of design, construction and maintenance.

    • For real highways it would be slow, however with trikes and jeepneys, kids playing on the road, roaming cattle and seeds being dried anything faster would be really dangerous.

  2. Linking the bigger islands through briges would be good for nation-building since there still is quite a bit of an island mentality which isn’t helpful for the country. Hopefully those bridges will already include rail as well or at least the space to use them for rail in the future.

  3. ANG galing Kung mangyari Ito may option Ka.na at maganda Ito Sa mga businessman mabuhay ka tatay digong lalampasan mo ang ginawa rin kabutihan Sa MGA Pilipino Ni pres Marcos Mabuhay kayong dalawa mga demonyong Aquino -cojuangco at
    MGA letse nyang mga kAmpon ANG MGA salot mga traidor atasasamang Tao Sa pinas dpat ibaon ANG MGA taong Ito Sa MGA pundasyun Sa gagawin mga tulay

  4. 1950’s pa lang iniisip na ito. this will turn us into 1 big island. magiging pare-pareho ang standard of living, Aparri to Jolo. commerce will be national, even for small businesses. Goods will be cheaper. What A GREAT DREAM TO FULFILL!!!

  5. the Mindoro-Panay-Negros route is more practical considering the volume of trade these islands generate and to it branching out to Cebu. One consideration is the depth of the waters between Molocamboc and Panay and Dumaguete-Dapitan which could reach to almost 900 meters deep.

  6. It will move people faster as well as products and services in a wider and better scale. Kailangan lang ng katiyakan na the project will last and will be safe for the people. Excited much to travel from Luzon to Mindanao by car.

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