Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte disclosed on Saturday that he decline a missile being offered by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, saying he does not want to see a Third World War.

President Rodrigo Duterte at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao –

In a speech at the 49th annual installation of trustees and officers of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao, Duterte revealed the offer of Prime Minister Abe’s visit to Davao City last Friday.

Japan’s offer came after Russia initiated an offer to provide the Philippines with submarines but Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the country couldn’t afford it.

Duterte said, “If we start a third world war, that would be the end (of the world).”

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

“Actually, I told (Prime Minister) Abe, I don’t need missiles,” he said, noting that even leaders of the United States and Russia seem to be coming on good terms.

“If you just see now, Putin is conciliatory and now Trump (is reaching out to the world), “Duterte said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin and incoming US President Donald Trump.

With this, Duterte reiterated his intent to stop the country from having foreign military alliances with any country.

“I want the country free of foreign soldiers. Ayoko… sibat na kayo. (I don’t like it.. they have to go). We are good now,” he said.

The President, in any case, has permitted the defense department to seek exercises with other foreign forces as long as the naval exercise won’t be close or inside the South China Sea. -JCE.



  1. Philippines has the weakest military in Asia and he is talking about starting a WWIII. Digong does not have a clue at all. The missiles being offered to him are for defensive purposes against any foreign military encroachment in the country’s territory. Does he even get advice from his top brass or they’re all idiots like him? Or maybe he does not want to “offend” China. What a MORON!!!

    • War is never an option…if you have a better and more knowledge and call the president an idiot, get out of this country…any foreign forces occupying this country is always a threat!

      • Having weapons doesn’t mean we are going to war. A strong and well armed State is less to get bullied than a weak one. One perfect example is the Chinese land grabbing of the Philippines territory in the Spratlys. Had we have a stronger military they would not have dared to encroached in our territory. That is what we call…DETERRENT.

    • Ahem, weakest in Asia? Lol, at least soldier’s like us in Army are not weaker minded person like you.

      Edit: Watch Battle of Marawi

      • Ahem, well it doesn’t matter if a country is a ill equipt or not. It depends on how they will protect the nation. By the way, a lot of us have same perspective like that.

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