Department of Health Secretary Dr. Paulyn Ubial on Monday guaranteed that President Duterte is in good health.

According to Ubial, “The President is healthy, but he has problems with migraine, Buerger’s disease, which is a result of smoking. I’m telling reporters that the President has health concerns, they are bothersome, but not critical.”

She noted that she is impressed with the President’s stamina, staying awake and alert during four to six hours of cabinet meetings, unlike some cabinet officials who almost get sleepy.

“That’s the picture of our president’s health. He is really very healthy. He has good stamina and level of energy. We are really very supportive of his over-all health and ability to lead the country,” she said.

President Duterte has recently undergone a medical check-up at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center after experiencing chest pain. According to the hospital’s doctors, his electrocardiogram (ECG) test results showed that there seemed to be nothing wrong with him.