President Duterte on Wednesday revealed that he had been using an oxygen machine whenever he slept.

“I am 72 yesterday. I cannot eat na gusto ko. Sabihin, ‘Cholesterol, mataas. Sugar mo, bantayan mo kasi six na.’ Wala na. Hindi na makainom kasi may Barrett,” he said at the People’s Day celebration in Oriental Mindoro..

“I cannot smoke. Iyong pinost diyan, iyong oxygen ko. Kasi matulog ako, ganoon lang. Oxygenation ko hindi maganda because of smoking,” he said.

A Birthday photos posted by lawyer Manases Carpio, wife of Inday Sarah Duterte showed that there was an portable oxygen machine beside Duterte’s bed in his home in Davao City.

This is how to use oxygen concentrator during sleep, watch the video.