image courtesy of abs-cbn

A Russian warship “Varyag” which is a Slava class guided missile cruiser together with “Pechenga”, a sea tanker has just arrived on Thursday morning, April 20 in Manila.

This is the second visit of a Russian warship to the Philippines this year as part of the warming relations between the two countries.

According to Philippine Navy spokesperson Captain Lued Lincuna, the two Russian warships docked at Pier 15 in Manila’s South Harbor is a part of Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet.

A Russian warship “Varyag” which is a guided missile class cruiser. image credit to abs-cbn

Russia earlier said it was ready to help the Philippines enhance its military capabilities.

The port visit comes a month prior to President Rodrigo Duterte’s booked visit to Moscow this coming May 25, 2017, in an offer to extend defense ties with new nations. He said he tries to forge a foreign policy that is independent of the country’s longtime treaty ally, the United States.

In January, Russian anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs visited Manila. Duterte even toured the warship.

Russian warships had beforehand docked in the Philippines, however, it was the first time that the Russian Navy officers had a progression of cooperations with their Filipino partners.- JCE.

Video footage courtesy of rappler