A former building facility inside the Government Arsenal compound is renovating to be used as a manufacturing plant in producing locally made force protection equipment for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police Force (PNP).

It is a previous Elitool fabricating building used to produced M16A1 Armalite rifles during the early 80s, wherein the building is being restored to manufacture and produce Kevlar helmets & armor vests.

Government Arsenal (GA) is a nonmilitary, meaning it is a civilian line bureau and it is under the authority and supervision of the Department of National Defense (DND) situated at Camp General Antonio Luna, Limay, Bataan.

GA is entrusted to deliver ammunitions, basic weapons and other weapons munitions for the use of the AFP and PNP including the sale and export of products in excess of local forces requirements.

Government Arsenal said that they will be partnering with the South Korean Company, The Samyang Comtech Co. Ltd. A company that produces and sells ground equipment and personal protection products, aviation parts, etc. for the defense industry in South Korea. -JCE.