The Philippine Armed Forces fought gallantly to liberate Marawi from the Maute terrorists who had pledged allegiance to the ultra-radical Islamic State (IS) group in Iraq and Syria.

A Video footage courtesy of Joint Task Force Marawi has been released to show the Philippine soldiers bravery in the battle. In the video footage, you will see a Brotherhood attitude. Their motto as saying “Walang iwanan” that everyone must go and no one left behind.

The clash began at around 10:40 AM, the Army Special Forces launched an assault against one of the Maute terrorist stronghold position, that led to an intense close-quarter battle.

Two combat engineers were wounded by enemy snipers. An Army special forces, PFC. Estanoco saves 1 engineer under heavy enemy fire, unfortunately, on his way to save the second engineer he was also shot by a sniper.

A very dangerous, courageous and heroic decision has been initiated by this brave soldiers to rescue the two wounded combat engineers.

Brigadier Gen. Macario saved Estanoco as he was crawling back to safety.

Then, under heavy enemy fire, three Army Special Forces volunteered to rescue Corporal Sinas, he’s the second wounded combat engineer who was also suffering from a sniper shot in the leg.-JCE.

Watch the actual rescue operations in the main battle area in Marawi City. (Video Courtesy of Joint Task Force Marawi)

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Watch: Actual rescue footage in Main Battle Field of Marawi City

Posted by Manila Livewire on Friday, July 21, 2017