A United States unmanned aircraft has deployed in Mindanao to do more surveillance activities that will help strengthen the counterterrorism operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippine (AFP).

In a statement of the US Embassy in Manila on Monday, they said,”as compared to current surveillance platforms used in the region, the Gray Eagle has a longer flight duration which will enable a larger area of reconnaissance and surveillance.”

The United States unmanned aerial drone – Gray Eagle

The embassy said that over the last three years a P15 billion worth of assistance has been provided to the AFP to establish better command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities.

Recent deliveries from the US include a Raven tactical unmanned aerial system and two Cessna-208B surveillance aircraft, as well as various missile munitions and weapons to support urgent defense and counter-terrorism needs.

In the ongoing battle in Marawi City. The special operating unit of the United States is also providing a technical non-combat expertise to the AFP’s operating units on the ground. An assistance that will locate and pinpoint specific target of hostile positions.– Carl E.