Among the top 10 of the most safe cities in Southeast Asia in 2018 are the five cities in the Philippines.

In the list, Valenzuela City ranked second with a safety index of 74.79.

The list also includes Davao City in the fourth place and has a safety index of 71.21.

Makati City is in fifth place with 60.44 safety index.

Baguio City is sixth and Cebu City is number 8.

The other in the top 10 is Singapore in the first place and has a safety index of 83.77.

Chiang Mai, Thailand in third place, bali Indonensia – Seventh, Penang Malaysia – is the ninth place and in the tenth place of Bangkok, Thailand.

All the data came from from numbeo, a Crowd-Sourced Global Database that reports consumer prices, crime rates, quality health care and other statistics in countries around the world.