In order to confront the growing military presence with China, the Pentagon chief wants to prioritize the deployment of the US military forces to the Asia-Pacific region from other areas, including Afghanistan.

“What I want to do is reallocate forces” to the Indo-Pacific Command, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said when asked by some military analyst about the cutting of troops in Afghanistan while attending the Reagan National Defense Forum in Simi Valley, California.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper – Image credit to RFE/RL

Esper said, “That’s my priority theater, I’m not just looking at Afghanistan” but “all these places where I can free up troops” to bring them home or “compete with the Chinese, to reassure our allies and to conduct exercises and training.”

A deeper approach that the defense department has moved to confront China and Russia as the essential challenges, overriding the war on terrorism, China, with the world’s second-biggest economy, is making significant interests in military capacities to duplicate and compete for U.S. after war predominance, and is seen as a developing risk among U.S. military strategist.

“Our war-fighting advantages over strategic competitors are being challenged, China and Russia, today’s revisionist powers, are modernizing their militaries while seeking veto power over the economic and security decisions of other nations,” Esper said.

Indeed, even as the U.S. attempts to make the rotate to Asia, it has added a huge number of troops to the Middle East to ensure oil-shipping courses and protect Saudi Arabia against Iran. a Saudi Arabian oil processing plant, Aramco in Abqaiq and Khurais were attacked by an airstrike on Sept. 14, that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia pointing Iran should be blamed on it. But Tehran has denied it was behind the attack.

When asked as to whether that move to Asia is blocked by the U.S. presence in the Middle East, Esper stated, “well sure, I mean I face that, my predecessors have faced that.”

The U.S. requirements to guarantee it has “sufficient force on the ground, again, to reassure our allies, help defend them, defend the international order and deter Iranian bad behavior, we have a strategy but you have to deal with the world you live in, not the world you want on paper.” Esper added. – JCE