President Rodrigo Duterte has recently confirmed that the Philippines has already ordered 12 helicopters in Russia. According to the President, their ordering of such aircraft has been delayed due to the huge cost of the country and the lack of funding for it.

“There’s always not enough to go around with… Just because Russia is a friend, it doesn’t follow that we abscond or do not pay our debts… But we have placed the orders now — 12 military helicopters, cargo choppers”, according to the President.

As we recall, in an interview with the Philippine Armed Forces last year, they said they were planning to buy 16 helicopters and some weapons from Russia. It is also part of the modernization program for the military. It is also noted that Russia has donated some defense gear to the country as a donation. Russia is also one of the countries with the largest arms exporter in the world so all the weapons and weapons that can be purchased are really tried and reliable.

Only last year in October, President Duterte visit Russia twice to further strengthen the relations between the two countries. At the same time, more than Php620 million business deals were signed during the Presidential meeting of the two countries.

“I’m sure Russia could come here and look for valuable businesses that can help Russia and we do not consider the distance as a limit in our friendship, in our desire to be a partner of Russia and the rest of the eastern countries in trade and commerce… We do not think that the distance is on the minus side, it’s a plus side, and nothing can really be a hindrance if you really want to do it with another country”, according to the President.