Watch while Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno checks his salary on an ATM machine inside the city hall.

According to The 2019 Salary Standardization Law IV, the salary of a Mayor in the Philippines with a salary grade 30 less than ₱200,000.00.

Here’s the list of the salary of other key government employees.

Salary grade
Monthly salary
President 33 ₱399,739
Vice-President 32 ₱353,470
Senate President 32 ₱353,470
Senators 31 ₱295,191
Members of the House of Representatives 31 ₱295,191
Provincial Governor 30 ₱196,206
Provincial Vice-Governor 28 ₱153,658
City Mayor 30 ₱196,206
Vice Mayor (Manila, QC, and highly urbanized cities) 28 ₱153,658
Vice Mayor (component cities) 26 ₱120,337

The figures aren’t exactly what you’d expect for government officials to get, considering the positions hold extreme national importance.



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