How To Survive In Zombie Apocalypse

What is a zombie apocalypse?

It’s an imaginary situation where all the dead people come back to life, only they’re not normal: they’re zombies. Just like in the movie Night of the Living Dead.

Our modern world today is so complex. Modern laboratory With full of scientist and lab experts scattered worldwide, exploring, researching and finding the answer for new cure and solutions.A vaccine that will solve the problem of newly discovered disease.

 What if, something goes wrong and instead this vaccine supposes a cure will turn into a catastrophic danger and disaster on all human beings.

Like, the vaccination for the cure of the disease turns the patient into zombies, and they’re hungry. Consumed with a ravenous wish for human flesh, they are everywhere. All they do is kill, and the people they kill? Moments later, they get up and start killing themselves, infected with whatever it is that is causing the newly dead to rise. Society is crumbling. The world is going straight to hell. Your own family and friends may have joined the ranks of the undead. And they’re coming right at you…

What will you do to survive?

Here are 10 steps for you to survive this horrible “Zombie Apocalypse”

1. Do Not Panic, Secure  Your Home Immediately

Lock all doors and windows and barricade it with solid wood with lots of nails, Turn off the light at night, All survivors inside should be kept quiet.

2. Food Supplies And Water Must Be Enough To Last Long


3. Arm Yourself With Weapons

Bladed weapons are not enough. Much better a high powered guns like shotgun or assault rifle.


4. You Should Have A Communication Radio

A 2 way radio communication is enough. So you can contact for a distress call or somebody that can help you for an immediate evacuation. It is very difficult to stay long inside your house. Because there is less area to hide. Your supplies definitely will not last long and  Sooner or later some zombies will find you.

5. Get to the nearest shopping mall or Grocery shop, there you can find lots of supplies.

6. In a shopping mall, immediately locate the drug store, secure a first aid kit. Definitely you will need those kits.

7. Locate the gun store, you will need lots of  fire power.

8. Go to the grocery and secure food and water.


9. Go to the rooftop of the mall.

You should be in a hurry. It’s already getting dark outside. Zombies are very active and sensitive at night time.

10. Secure yourself on the rooftop. Check if you can contact somebody in a radio that will help you.

Do not make any noise, Zombies might notice you.



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