General Espina emotional in PNP/SAF hearing, seeks answer “Why did you finished my men!”

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Philippine National Police (PNP) OIC Director General Leonardo Espina became emotional and seeks answer of  44 Special Action Force troopers  tragedy in the January 25 police operations in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

A hearing at the House of Representatives on the Mamasapano clash, Espina sought “clear answers from the other party of the peace process” on why many of his men who did not suffer lethal wounds during the clash were still finished off and shot at close range.

General Espina said to the law maker “As you all know, I’m the OIC of PNP, no doubt we are in the peace process because we are peacekeepers. Walang may gusto ng katahimikan kundi kami. Pero sir, we seek for clearance, sir. We seek for clear answers from the other party of the peace process. Ano ba itong ginawa niyo sa mga tao ko?”

“I seek answers for my people so that when my time comes and I have to face them, at least I can say something, and there were even videos showing the brutal execute of some of my men.” Espina added.

Espina  also said he could not sleep Tuesday night “Hindi po ako nakatulog kagabi nung natanggap ko ang medico legal report. Si Inspector Tayrus, si Inspector Pabaliñas did not suffer any fatal shots. Tinamaan sila sa paa lang….Binaril po sila sa ulo, dalawang fatal shots of 9 mm at close range,” he said.

Still citing the medico-legal report, Espina said 20 other SAF men were shot at close range. “Dalawa pa lang po yan. Twenty others ay binaril nang malapitan, karamihan sa kanila ang tama ay sa ulo.”

He added this was contrary to the statement of the MILF leadership that their members involved in the Mamasapano clash just acted in self defense and that the SAF troopers were the first to fire the shots.

Watch this video of General Espina as he seek clear answers from the other side.'

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