Another Chance For China to Respond on the Case Filed by the Philippines

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The Hague, Netherlands — The United Nations (UN) tribunal has given China another opportunity to react to the arbitration case filed by the Philippines over the West Philippine Sea dispute in spite of Beijing’s rehashed refusal to take part in the proceedings.

“The Arbitral Tribunal has chosen to give China the chance to comment in writing, by Monday 17 August 2015, on anything said amid this Hearing on Jurisdiction and Admissibility,” it said in an announcement posted online on Tuesday.

China has been given a few open doors in the past to submit remarks to bolster their side however they have stood firm on their position to not take an interest in the procedures.

The Philippine deliberation, led by Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario, exhibited its arguments when the tribunal started hearing the case on July 7 and finished up on July 13.

“The Arbitral Tribunal now enters its deliberations and is aware of its obligation under the Rules of Procedure to lead procedures to keep away from pointless postpone and cost and to give a reasonable and efficient process,” the statement said.

“The Arbitral Tribunal now enters its deliberations and is conscious of its duty under the Rules of Procedure to conduct proceedings to avoid unnecessary delay and expense and to provide a fair and efficient process,” the statement said.

The tribunal is relied upon to render a choice on whether the court has jurisdiction of the case before the end of the year.

In spite of China’s firm refusal to take an interest in the proceedings, the tribunal says it has applied all endeavors to guarantee China is updated and informed of the status of the case.

“The Arbitral Tribunal has kept China updated on all developments in the arbitration and stays open to China to partake in these procedures at any stage. Transcripts of the hearing have been made accessible to China, and China has been welcome to comment on anything stated at the hearing,” it said.

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