Michael Jordan Loses Lawsuit Against “Qiaodan” A Chinese Sneaker Company

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Former NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls Superstar

Michael Jordan

BEIJING, China - A Beijing Higher People’s Court ruled out to dismissed a trademark case brought by US basketball star Michael Jordan against an organization utilizing a comparative name and logo to his Nike-delivered brand, a report said.

The previous Chicago Bull is ostensibly the most popular international basketball star in China and is known in the country as “Qiaodan,” a Chinese version of his name.

He asked Chinese authorities in 2012 to revoke the trademark of Qiaodan Sports Co, blaming the sportswear firm for deceiving purchasers about its binds to the basketball star Michael Jordan, a 6-time NBA champion.

And in addition the name, Qiaodan’s items convey an outline of a basketball player resembling the “Jumpman” logo utilized by US sportswear products “Nike” to promote its Air Jordan brand.

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Authorities denied Jordan’s request, and a lower court in Beijing did likewise. He appealed to the Beijing Higher People’s Court, which has ruled against him, the Chinese news gateway Sohu reported.

” ‘Jordan’ is not by any means the only conceivable reference for “Qiaodan” in the trademark under dispute,” it referred to a transcript of the decision as saying.

“Also, “Jordan” is a typical surname utilized by Americans,” the court added by report Monday, and the logo was fit as a fiddle of a man with no facial features, so it was “hard” for shoppers to distinguish it as Jordan.

Year 2003 NBA star Michael Jordan retired from the sports of basketball.

There was insufficient evidence to prove the trademark referred to the US star, it concluded.

China has long been seen as a forgers’, haven and has always been scrutinized by its trade partners over lax protection of intellectual property rights.

It remained on this year’s US Priority Watch List of trading partners that fail to protect such rights “despite certain improvements”.

Qiaodan Sports Co, based in the eastern province of Fujian, could not be reached for comment.

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