Top Rank - Mayweather Versus Pacquiao Fight Confirmed!

Floyd Mayweather Jr. agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao!

After a series of long negotiation on Floyd Mayweather Jr. camp, Top Rank promotion Bob Arum successfully revealed the public that the long awaited fight of the century are going to happen soon possibly at the 1st quarter of 2015. Mayweather agrees to fight Pacquiao provided that all his conditions had been met.

Since Mayweather began his boxing career only with Pacquiao seriously kept on denying a fight with a series of alibi, like Manny drops Arum out, he will still not fight Manny. All those alibi Blood test, 40M, Venue, Fight date, Ring size, Glove size, who enters first, Promoter and now No. 1 contender is just a plain way of saying I don’t want to lose. Floyd has never done that alibi in all other boxers he has fought but only to Manny and there are some other boxers from top rank he has faced there were no problems. Arum said “now at last, fight of the century will happen soon”, and he did not elaborate what are those conditions Mayweather ask, only he said to the press people lets wait and see. (Source: Tprank Brad Cole. MGM Las Vegas Nevada)

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    • jusjabs08

      He needs to man up and just fight Manny straight up no stipulations. That will never happen.

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