China unveils new electric car that nearly looks like Tesla Model S

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Chinese automobile company once again proved that copying is the biggest form of flattery.

Unveiled yesterday evening in China, the  latest model in Youxia line up is the  Youxia X electric super sedan. It is set to compete the Tesla Model S. Power originates from an all electric engine with 348hp and 440nm, and reach is 460 kilometer. Mass producing of this car is set to start in late 2016 by a new Shanghai-based organization called Youxia Motors.

Let us compare the American Tesla Model S from the to the newly launched Youxia X electric Chinese car.

Tesla Model S

Youxia X

It is doubtful that Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla will see the new Youxia X as a compliment. This new car goes past being just a battery-electric but a competitor, with an appearance that almost copies Tesla’s Model S.

According to carnewschina, CEO Huang Xiuyuan, who claims he first saw the X in a dream he had back in 2014. He then assembled a team of 50 engineers and designers that eventually developed the Youxia X. Production is scheduled to start in 2016 and deliveries will begin in early 2017, if everything goes according to plan.

What do you think Elon Musk would have to say? Hmmm.

Some Youxia X Features

The closed grill in the front is a live screen that can display the car logo and a cute cat?

Electric car doesn’t produce sounds, that’s why KITT OS that serves as the driver’s panel will allow drivers to choose the motor engine sounds like the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Jaguar F-Type, another weird feature of this car.


Tesla Model S has a tag price of $77,000 - $88,000 while the Youxia X will only cost $32,000 - $48,000.

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