Two B-52 key strategic aircraft, bombers from Barksdale Air Force Base situated in Louisiana were requested by the Pentagon to carry out a complete “bomber assurance and deterrence” at the outset of this current month to bolster regional allies in the Asia-Pacific against Chinese maritime expansion, reports Bill Gertz, an American security expert, in an analysis recently written for the Washington Times.

With the backing of Royal Australian Air Force and ground forces, the two B-52s flew directly to Delamere shelling bombing range in northern Australia to direct a bombarding run. After unloading their conventional bombs on the range, the two aircraft, bombers headed back to Barksdale Air Force Base in the US. It took 44 hours for the US Air Force to finish its “bomber assurance and deterrence” on July, as indicated by Gertz.

Admiral Cecil D. Haney

Naval commander Cecil D. Haney, the officer of the US Strategic Command, which is responsible and in charge for the US strategic bombers told Gertz that the aircraft affirmation and prevention mission is one of numerous courses for the US to show its dedication to a steady, peaceful and quiet Indo-Asia Pacific region. While bringing up that the operation was planned to send a vital message, Haney declined to distinguish the beneficiary of the message.

An insider at the Pentagon told Gertz that the message was intended for China because of its increasingly threatening activities in the South China Sea. “As the country’s center swings to the Pacific, it’s imperative to demonstrate the B-52’s presence, not only on Andersen Air Force Base, as well as all through the whole region,” said Captain Jared Patterson, head of weapons and strategies for the 96th Bomb Squadron situated in Barksdale Air Force Base.

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