A several United States experts said last week that the Chinese communists are now trying to manipulate world war-II history in their own favor in which they only had a very minor role in the Kuomintang-led war of resistance against Japanese aggression.

The honorary chair of the Kuomintang Lien Chan and Chinese president Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Sept. 1, before the 70th anniversary military parade commemorating the end of WWII. (File photo/CNS)

A commemorations of WWII in the Asia Pacific in 2015 wherein the issue was raised at a conference titled Anniversary Politics: Which was held at George Washington University in the US capital.

Robert Sutter, a professor of international affairs at the university, said mainstream opinion in the KMT is that the war of resistance against Japanese aggression should be commemorated and World War II veterans should be honored.

Professor Robert Sutter

Sutter said that “While the Republic of China was the pillar in the war of resistance, Beijing is attempting to attract the KMT over to its side and manipulate history.”

In the course of over the past three years, Beijing has been applying solid weight on Japan and hopes that Taiwan will embrace the same position, he said. Taiwan, be that as it may, holds its relations with Japan and the United States in high respect, which makes the circumstance exceptionally convoluted and influences domestic politics, he included.

Bruce Dickson, a professor of political science and international affairs at George Washington University, said that compared with the KMT, the Chinese communists played only a very minor role in the war.

To promote nationalism, however, Beijing has to interpret history in such a way that Japan’s defeat is included as part of China’s emergence, he said.

By: Kevin N. / China times


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