As part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines 2nd horizon modernization project. AFP also considered to acquire a capable and armed small naval corvette ship which is smaller than a frigate and an “offshore patrol vessel” for its navy fleet.

AFP described the modernization program as being divided into three “horizons.” The first, which costs P85 billion, will help the Philippines achieve a “minimum credible defense posture” in protecting the country’s territory.

The second horizon is another P85-P100 billion which will take six years, while the third horizon is P100-P125 billion and another six years for military hardware and also bases development.

A “corvette” is a small class of combat ship, maneuverable, lightly armed warship, smaller and cheaper than a frigate but larger than a coastal patrol craft. It is often the smallest in any fleet. These ships have limited range and weapon systems, but they are quite effective at tracking down and hence primarily used by naval police to patrol the sea and also for close defense of a larger ship.

Take a look at the following list of corvette naval ships and offshore patrol vessels that the AFP is currently checking and looking for.


Corvettes and Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV)


1. Baynunah (UAE) - $137 million

The Baynunah corvettes serves as a patrol and surveillance, mine laying, interception and other anti-surface warfare operations as well as guarding the nation’s territorial waters and the exclusive economic zone.

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