A “sudden unintended acceleration” of an automatic vehicle are making rounds online. Victims were claiming that while they are inside their vehicle, it will just go wild or running on its own and they call it sudden unintended acceleration. This type of “problem” is particular to Mitsubishi Montero Sports units with automatic transmission.

Is this really a problem by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. (MMC), the manufacturer of the controversial Montero Sport, or is it human error made by the driver?

Watch the full video of “sudden unintended acceleration” accident that came up on the news recently. What do you think?

An expert professional driver, explains that this cases of unintended acceleration accident to be true, it requires the failure of both the engine and the brakes. It’s just too fantastic that not only did the engine rev wildly on its own, the brakes just stopped functioning altogether as well.

For him, there is no such thing as sudden unintended acceleration defect, the only thing he knew is that there is the unintended-acceleration human error.

Watch this video as he explains what the real causes of this problem and how vehicle owner should avoid it.

Also, watch this video compilation of sudden acceleration accidents.



  1. from the first video, the driver was reversing slowly, then suddenly accelerates, hitting the motorcycles at the back…if it was a human error, the instinct would be to step on the break and turn off the engine but apparently instead the driver switched to drive?, then stepped on the gas(instead of the break)? Is the driver a novice? There are already many complaints w/ almost the same story. See the fumes coming out… From this video, I don’t buy the explanation of the expert that there’s no such thing as sudden acceleration phenomenon…In my case with my Nissan Exalta , I experienced the opposite twice, while driving, the car suddenly lose power. This was just probably around a minute or two. On both occasions, I had it checked immediately but what will they do if everything seems fine…

  2. this video is proof of bad driving… now as to what really happened under the hood we would never know……. but for it to have 98 cases. is no coincidence nor a fact that montero owners are stupid drivers as claimed by mitsubishi philippines.. why no cases on other vehicles here? in our car a mazda cx 7 there is a slight problem with the cruise control. these seemingly small problems could lead into bigger problems. that SUA already cost the lives of 2 people

  3. So why then does it (SUA) happen on only one make & model type?? (and if I’m not mistaken, after a certain model year, as in those reported incidents) How does this fact fit in your so-called “profile” of drivers involved in this phenomenon wrt your conclusion that this as NOT a vehicle problem??

  4. On some of the videos, you can even hear the driver stepping on something, Im sure its the brake pedal, ofc, human insticnt -_-

  5. So I can therefore conclude that there must be something wrong about the layout/positioning design of the brakes and the gas pedal exposing the driver to accidents like this, if its truly a human error.

  6. In Papua New Guinea Montero Sport is called Pajero Sport. It is exactly the same car. My boss bought it for me. When it arrived in our place, I test drive it. It was early in the morning when I test drive it. Of course the engine was cold and being got used to my Montero GTV here in PH that I drive it with cold engine, meaning I drive the car right after I started the engine. To my surprised, the car wont move. So I was tempted to press down deep the accelerator and suddenly the just accelerated and on top speed. It was good that the road was inclined and the car was moving up. If the road was flat, it could have caused some trouble to me. That model has what we called limp mode when the engine has rested for several hours. The way to manage it is to rave up the engine before you put on drive mode. Otherwise trouble comes.

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