A “sudden unintended acceleration” of an automatic vehicle are making rounds online. Victims were claiming that while they are inside their vehicle, it will just go wild or running on its own and they call it sudden unintended acceleration. This type of “problem” is particular to Mitsubishi Montero Sports units with automatic transmission.

Is this really a problem by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. (MMC), the manufacturer of the controversial Montero Sport, or is it human error made by the driver?

Watch the full video of “sudden unintended acceleration” accident that came up on the news recently. What do you think?

An expert professional driver, explains that this cases of unintended acceleration accident to be true, it requires the failure of both the engine and the brakes. It’s just too fantastic that not only did the engine rev wildly on its own, the brakes just stopped functioning altogether as well.

For him, there is no such thing as sudden unintended acceleration defect, the only thing he knew is that there is the unintended-acceleration human error.

Watch this video as he explains what the real causes of this problem and how vehicle owner should avoid it.

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