The next Presidential election could be eased into office not just by Television ads, speeches or debates, but by Google’s secret decisions, and few experts and researchers would know how this was accomplished.

We all know that technology is playing a major role in our lives this days and it can help us decide the actions we must take like choosing the next leader.

Not every voter in the Philippines uses Google, or even the Internet for that matter. But enough of the population does use Google that its search patterns cannot be ignored by either candidate, the media, or anyone interested in the outcome of the election. Fortunately, Google lets anyone see the relative popularity of different search terms on Google Trends.

For example, if more people are searching on Google for “Duterte” than “Roxas”, “Poe” or “Binay” does that mean he is more likely to win the election?

Let’s take a look at the 2010 Presidential election final result. PNoy got 15m votes, Erap with 9m, Villar with 5m and Gibo Teodoro got 4 million votes.

Now, let’s take a look at the Google trends or the people’s activities when using the internet to research for this candidates last 2010 election.

Queries for the last 2010 Presidential election (June 2009 – May 2010)

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Google trend scores
Google trend scores

President Aquino is on top with 100 search score, Villar is on the 2nd spot with 90 search score, Gibo with 55 and Erap on 4th with only 35, but he managed to be on the second spot in the 2010 final election result because he is popular with the lower class voting population that rarely use the internet that time. But still, the popularity of President Aquino gave him almost 5 million votes lead to Erap.

Now, here’s the current result of the trend for the current Presidential candidates from June 2015 – December 2015.

Queries months before 2016 election (June 2015 – December 2015)


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Look at the spikes of the popular Mayor from Davao, it is phenomenal and if it will continue until before the election, there’s a good chance that Duterte will be the next President.

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    • kalma, mas mainam nga hindi number 1 si Digong, Survey kuno lang yan, pag nag na number one si Digong, pag iinitan lalo sya ng Kupal na MAR.

  1. Parang tanga gumawa nito….d ba alam na may isa pang kandidato sa pagka Presidente? Kulang ang laman ng article…..not reliable.

  2. Mr. Fader, its reliable. I visited Google Trends. And its true. You can try to add Sen. Santiago or any popular names in the list. Guess its limited to max of 5.

    But googling means your interested but not entirely likes it.

  3. Quote”Too good to be true but no thank you. The real survey results will come out on May 9′ 2016 and it will disprove all the current survey results fiddled by businessmen just like the ones on the flea market at Divisoria? The more intelligent voters will not be persuaded by survey results but by their cunning analysis of what really ails this country and come election day, they will dislodge the results of all surveys paid by individual candidates aiming for a lotto jackpot winning but sad to say that persona who will claim the DESTINY will have the last laugh of what have the surveys failed and miserably? This time conscientious voters will trample the bobotantes since at the last minute if the tig lilimang daan are not delivered on time, the bobotantes will become instant conscientious voters?”Unquote.

    • I don’t mean to be a grammar nazi but reading your comment felt like I was Siri or a computer text-to-speech app. Heavy misuse of the question mark. Starting your sentence with simple statements and ending it with a question mark is nonsensical.

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