10. Switzerland

Switzerland, source: worldradio.ch

With mountainous terrain, a strong tradition of neutrality, widespread bunkers and a heavily armed military. Switzerland has proven itself as a safe haven during Europe’s bloody past.

While it shares borders with Germany, France and Italy, which are all locations where nukes will be landing if World War III were to break out. Switzerland is quite protected by its surrounding mountains. People can hide in the mountains as nukes land all around them.

9. Tuvalu

Tuvalu, source: Wikipedia

An island located deep within the pacific ocean, it is a very remote and neutral place. The island’s small population and resources that are not that important, means no major power will have no reason to attack Tuvalu.

Tuvalu will probably be ignored if a war was to start.

8. New Zealand

Queensland, New Zealand. source: vurbmag.com

New Zealand is one of the most secluded. yet developed nation in the world. It has a stable democracy and has no involvement in any major world conflicts. Its mountainous terrains can provide shelter if ever trouble were to visit the island.

New Zealand also has enough supply of foods and clean water, to support people in the short term, and because of its peaceful foreign policy it receives the fourth spot on the 2015 Global Peace Index.

7. Bhutan

The Buddhist Taktshang Goemba (“Tiger’s Nest”) in Bhutan, source: Wikipedia

Despite its shared borders between China and India, a two potential combatants of a Third World War, its unique location makes an excellent shelter for war conflicts.

Surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, Bhutan is one of the most concealed countries in the world, entirely surrounded by land. Since joining the U.N. in 1971, Bhutan is able to maintain a Swiss-like distaste to foreign entanglements of any kind.

Bhutan has also no diplomatic relationships with the United States.

6. Chile

Image source: allianceabroad.com

One of South America’s most stable and prosperous nation, Chile ranks higher than any other Latin American nations in human development.

It is shielded by the nearly impenetrable Andes mountains to the west of its borders.