Protesters display placards and banners as they march towards the gates of the U.S. Embassy during a protest in Manila. Image source: VOA News

A militant group criticized the ruling of the Supreme Court to support the legality of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (Edca), on Tuesday, saying it violates the  Philippine sovereignty.

“This is another sad day for Philippine sovereignty as the SC upheld the validity of the EDCA. We shall immediately consult with our lawyers regarding a possible motion for reconsideration,” Bayan Chairperson Renato Reyes said in a statement.

The high court ruled on Tuesday that Edca was an executive agreement and not a treaty, in a 10-4 vote.

Reyes said that they would continue to “expose and oppose” the supposed intervention of the US military in the Philippines, despite the ruling.

“We maintain that the Edca is not the solution to the problem of China’s incursions, not when the Edca also violates PH sovereignty. The Filipino people must now resolutely oppose the return of US bases and all the social ills associated with these bases,” he added.

Edca was signed on April 28, 2015 in time for US President Barack Obama’s state visit. Some provisions of the agreement were argued by petitioners saying it was unconstitutional, including the ban on foreign military bases and facilities without Senate concurrence. -John Esconde