5. Iceland

Source: Wikipedia

Iceland is a peaceful and neutral country, it was ranked number one in the 2015 Global Peace Index. It has no land borders with other nations and very isolated from most the world.

If nuclear war were to happen, it’s possible that Iceland maybe left untouched during the initial conflict, and even in a worst case scenario, the mountainous terrains of Iceland can be used to take shelter.

4. Denmark

Town of Kulusuk in Southeast Greenland. Image source: NASA

Because of its involvement with NATO, it is likely that if any conflict were to spread across Europe, Denmark would suffer.

But thanks to its one crucial exception, Greenland.

Like Iceland, Greenland is distant, mountainous and politically nonaligned, meaning its population can easily take shelter trying to survive a Third World War.

3. Malta

Image source: yourpromoholiday.com

Malta is a tiny island nation in the Mediterranean ocean. It’s a small island fortress

Throughout history, empires have tried and failed to invade Malta.

Meaning that an invasion of Malta would be extremely costly.

Malta’s relatively small size means it may not justify wasting an entire nuclear missile on it, meaning the island may just be ignored in a Third World War.

2. Ireland

Castle in Ireland

Ireland does not have a strong ties to any of the potential combatants of a Third World War.

It is not a member of NATO and has a standing policy of military neutrality, according to Irish law, in order for it to enter any external military conflicts, their involvement must be allowed by the UN and Ireland’s government.

1. Fiji

Image source: bluelagooncruises.com

The remote island nation of Fiji lies deep within the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.

It makes Fiji isolated from any potential invaders.

The population is small and does not have any resources to justify invasion.