A group selfie (groupie) of filipina soldiers goes viral on the internet.

The groupie was posted on social media by Juan Nationalist and as of today it garnered 38,500 likes and 13,700 shares.

But what really captures the netizens was Army Officer Karen Tolleno of the 6th Infantry Division who took the groupie, which can be seen on the right side of the photo.

Natural beauty: Army Officer Karen Tolledo posses for a picture inside their camp.

One social media user described her as “Baeyani” which means babe and bayani (hero).

Many commented on the photo which includes some pretty hilarious comments like:

“ma’am I’m a suicide bomber, arrest me before i explode”

“I’m a Chinese collaborator and giving intel to the NPA, I deserve to be arrested.”

“I am willing to be conquered by theses ladies in uniform.”

“Please, sign me up!!!”

Take a look at some photos of Army Officer Karen Tolleno

Gorgeous Soldier: Army officer Karen Tolleno posing for a picture in full battle gear.
Badass Gunner: Army Officer Karen Tolleno on her makrsmanship training.
Killer Smile: Army Officer Karen Tolleno.

Looks like She’s a fan of ALDUB too..!


A very noble profession, with dignity, courage, wisdom and patriotism.

We  admire and salute you Army Officer Karen Tolleno and all the men and women of the Philippine Army for serving the Philippines. Salute!