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United States President Barack Obama announced on his speech that two additional naval ships are set to provide for the Philippine Navy.

President Obama on his arrival in the Philippine capital of Manila, Tuesday made the statement after touring at the former US coast guard cutter which is now a Philippine frigate, the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar.

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United States identifies the two naval ships granted to the Philippines

He will also attend the annual trade talks with Asia-Pacific leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation or APEC.

Obama says PHL as an ally can count on the US. He describes alliance with the Philippines is solid and unbreakable.

“More capable navies and partnership with the United States are critical for the security of this region,” Obama said.

“I can announce that we intend to transfer two ships to the Philippine Navy – a research vessel and another Coast Guard cutter to bolster the Navy’s ability to conduct long endurance patrols,” Obama said.

Obama said. “This research vessel will help map territorial waters, and the other ship is for a long-endurance patrol which is the decommissioned US Coast Guard cutter.

These two ships worth USD 250 million are part of a larger plan to increase military assistance to allies in the Pacific region.” Obama added. -Carl E., White House

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