A screenshot from Russian Air Force's video

A footage was released by Russian Defense Ministry showing members of its air force writing “For our people” and “For Paris” on bombs that are destined to strike ISIS targets in Syria.

“The armed forces are conducting an aerial campaign of retribution,” the defence ministry said in a statement, adding the military had begun coordinating their operations with the French.

“For our people! For Paris! Pilots and technicians of #Hmeymim airbase sent a message to terrorists by airmail,” the Russian defence ministry said on its official Twitter account.

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks and for the crashing of the Russian Airbus A321-231, killing all 224 people.

Combat sorties of long-range aviation on terrorists’ objects in Syria

Another video footage has also been released by the ministry showing Russian ships firing Caliber-NK cruise missiles reportedly targeting militant positions in Syria.

Russia’s air strikes on Syria destroyed 15 oil facilities and 525 trucks carrying oil in bombing this week. It said to have deprived ISIS of $1.5 million in daily income from smuggled oil, according to reports.