China on Thursday announced that it has brought the deepwater oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 back to the waters near Vietnam’s Hoang Sa (Paracel) Islands.

Intelligence report from Vietnam military official said that the China’s Haiyang Shiyou-981 oil rig will explore for oil and natural gas deposits and is now in an area where the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of Vietnam – China overlap, traversing eastward going south of disputed area of the West Philippine sea, possibly heading towards Recto bank (Reed bank) and near Kagitingan reef where the China’s reclaimed artificial islands, airstrip and military facilities located.

The Chinese Maritime Safety Administration said on its website the oil rig is located at 17 degrees 03.75 minutes north latitude (17-03.75N) and 109 degrees 59.05 minutes east longitude (109-59.05E).

China’s Haiyang Shiyou-981 oil rig, credit to AFP file photo

The report also stated that a Chinese hydrographic ship that conducted in the potentially oil-rich Recto bank in the year 2014 (Reed bank) gave a positive oil exploration results.

According to the Military Intel report, the arrival of China’s oil rig in the Philippines EEZ will mainly focus on oil exploration and will conduct oil drilling in the area near Palawan Island in which seismic surveys indicate it is rich in oil and natural gas deposits.

Sources also said that China will soon erect and will install an oil pumping platform.

Right now the workers of Malampaya natural gas field facility in Palawan fear for a harassment from Chinese ships.

There are now raising questions on how the Philippine government will again handle another sovereign threat against this incoming Chinese oil rig. Like what they did in mishandled China’s illegal reclamation in the West Philippine Sea last year that is now nearly 100% finished.

Some said that the Department of Foreign Affairs will again file a useless UN diplomatic protest in which China always ignoring.

Other Filipinos said that the government should also follow the same way Vietnam did last year, vociferously protested China’s oil rig wherein they sent 29 ships attempting to disrupt the oil rig’s placement and operations. The Vietnamese ships met resistance from Chinese ships escorting the rig, and Vietnam stated that its ships were repeatedly rammed and sprayed with water, resulting in 6 people being injured, while China stated that its ships were also rammed and it sprayed water in self-defense.

chinas coast guard with vietnam coast guard
oil rig china
By: Carl E.


  1. this is a direct Chinese invasion to our nation, Filipinos must act now!!! Our abnoy president may not know this( remember he did not know anything about the saf 44 being slaughtered while he was just in palawan). AFP, Phil. Marines show your might… and its now!!!!! Do’nt wait for the us forces.. they are with the intsik…

  2. The Coast Guard and Phil Navies are inutil on this area of conflict and so is our Phil Goverement always talking with out actions,,let them come instead and Rape our natural resources and welcome lead by our politicians the like’s of Duterte Binay Escudero Poe Santiago Estrada etc. and some Leftist rallyist..

  3. Unacceptable if this news is true. It’s time to show force. Sometimes, force is necessary to enforce the failure in diplomacy.

      • aba.. ang galing ng sagot mo ha… walang modo.. kilala mo ba ako para sabihan ng ganyan… palibhasa di yan tunay na pangalan… mahiya ka na lng sa balat mo sa pagsasalita ng ganyan.. ganyan ka ba pinalaki ng magulang mo?

    • hindi pa handa ang bansa natin para lumaban sa isang gyera . pero sa mahabang panahon matapos ang 2nd world war , walang nagtangka sa bansa ntin na bastusin at gaguhin ng ganyan kundi China lang . Naalarma ang Tsina noong nagpunta ang ilang warship ng US japan, at EU para protektahan tyo . Pero maliban sa Japan ang US at EU ay napagsalitan pa ng hindi maganda ni Digong. nanalo tyo sa Arbitration Case pero winalang bahala ng China at ipinakita pa ni Digong na ang China ang Masusunod. Habang si Duterte ang Presidente, malayang makakapasok ang at makalalabas ang mga Intsik sa Pinas . malayang masasakop at magagamit ang mga likas na yaman ntin.. lumiliit na ang chance na maki-alam pa or ipagtanggol pa tyo ng US matapos ang mga salita na binitawan ni Digong at mga nangyari nitong mga nakaraan buwan.. sino ang magtatangol sa atin , kanino tayo kukuha o hihingi ng mga gamit pangdigma para ipagtanggol tayo . wala na..

  4. PUTANG INA NINYO CHINESE GOVERNMENT!!!..Ano ang gagawin ng Gobyerno ntin pag pumasok nato sa Recto Bank??..F**K Y*O*U CHINA.

  5. diplomacy is alright. but force can not be totally zero! ph can not just write protest notes while china is grabbing everything there is in west philippine sea.

  6. China has some nerve parking their nasty oil rig in Philippine waters ..looks like an act of war to me …the filipinos should bomb it and send it back to China in little pieces

  7. China will continue bullying the Philippine so long as she sees a very week leadership in the Philippines. The failure of the government to eradicate NPA and Muslims rebels are real invitation for other countries to occupy Philippine territory.

  8. I won’t be surprised if Philippines will kick out the Chinese from planting their oil rig. And if Philippines does, then it will be a big fight that the US, Japan and Vietnam might be itching to get involved in kicking China’s a$$.
    Go on China do it and learn a hard lesson.

  9. In the first place, Its the philippine government faults. How did the chinese even got to built installation so close to the philippines. While everyone of you people so busy with screwing up everyone within the country, to busy watching noon-time shows. celebrity style hollywood governing of the president. FYI those territory we are talking about have huge economic potential(oil, and gas that could benefit the philippines. And now, all you can do is protest to china in the Hague. This should be a wake up call for everyone in the philippines


  11. If Vietnam drove away the Chinese oil rig, why can’t our country do the same? Will our govt just allow this to happen?

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